Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"A Taste of Honey"...

Summer's end never fails to summon up seemingly endless and deeply hidden nostalgic memories from within "Me." I suppose that my nature to be the capital "R" Romantic likely triggers this cycle, but I recognize as well...  that it is generally "summer anthems" that we all associate with the carefree youth... energy and vitality of our own journeys.

Music is a defining characteristic of  our Sherman family. We were raised... to resonate and respond like tuning forks... to all genres of music. We didn't merely listen passively to "our own music" as individuals. We actively shared song... raising our voices in unison and complete joy as a family choir... at home... at church... in the car while we travelled... and at our cottage with our summer neighbours.

That gift of music remains one of the enduring legacies of my dear Mom and Dad. Music strongly remains a valued and much-used "hand-me-down" in the lives of all Shermans. A number of us play instruments (whenever necessary)... and karaoke rules at the occasional Sherman gatherings 19 Kerry Point, Narrows Lane Road. We are deeply blessed blend our lives and voices in love and harmony... whenever we can get together.

I stumbled upon this vintage 60's photo ... taken at the height of the Beatle and British invasion on the world scene.... and the birth of this garage/boy band... The Counts Five. Hardly mop headed like their British idols in appearance, their faux Beatle... Dave Clark Five and Kinks musak helped them strum their way from out of Nowhere... Man... to grab the hearts of Brockville area teen and grown up audiences. At the time this photo was taken, we were..."Glad All Over"... even after more than a dozen rendition requests nightly for "A Hard Day's Night"!

They were purely magical years of intermixed play heavy duty practice, but my role in this band abruptly ceased when I headed off to Teacher's College in London in September of 1964 to pursue another life which has led me to Today. I have never regretted that decision to do so for a single moment, despite the fact that my leaving resulted in my loss of contact with all members to this day.

Change is difficult to imagine.... and to set into motion. But without it, stasis leads to disenchantment... and extinction... which was the ultimate fate of the boy band. At some unforeseen moment we all have to become...  men and women... and leave "Never Land"

I'll leave you to the task of finding the boy artist! Yup... he did paint even then... though none of the rest of the band had an inkling! HA HA!!

"Love Shines"...

Let me add yet another musical snippet... this time from the song "Love Shines" featured on the multi-talented Canadian Musician and songwriter Ron Sexsmith's recent album "Long Player Late Bloomer":

How I long to hold you with all my might
Through the night our hopes combine
To ignite our eyes like fireflies
That's when our love shines."

I was treated to an impromptu "blast from the past" on a local radio air wave. It was the Herb Albert sky rocket trumpet-driven variation of "A taste of Honey"... which became the summer anthem at the top of the pop charts in 1961. The song has been presented in variation instrumentally and vocally across many different genres ranging from The Beatles... to Tony Bennett. My personal favourite comes out of the vocal version by Johnny Rivers on his "Actions/Changes" album released in 2002.

These few lines from the song in tandem with a recent Dad-Allison "river happening" form my true reason for sharing this post with you:

The winds may blow
o'er the icy sea
I'll take the warmth of thee
A taste of honey
A taste much richer than wine

When so many must leave the quiet and remaining warmth of summer in the River we love so dearly... Allie, Orca and I shared our own "taste of honey" laughing and recalling many earlier swims with my water spaniel Mom... who urged us to... "beware of "the warn currents." We rode out the endless two to three foot swells sent ashore by passing cruisers with glee... rather than the usual anger and venom afforded these money folk by people docked ashore. "No wake" ... seems not in their vocabulary or nautical courtesy. Today... it was pure fun!

Time for the picture show folks!

Allie Dad and Orca.... giggling... and girding their loins for the plunge!

"One for the $$... Two for the show... three to get ready... and four... to go!!!! Thanks Mom!

Riding out the swells... together ... in and out of the water!

Treading water... "Do you feel the warm currents Dad?" HA HA!!! Thanks again Mom!

Sharing life's blessings... the smallest... or the largest of gifts we can offer... Time and Presence!

"Staying afloat"... and creating Joy... in childish pleasures...

And with Joy... comes Bliss. Not easily achieved in the face of stormy weather. But it is all about... Attitude ... Faith and Courage. I am so very proud of "You" Sweetheart... and am with "You" Always.

Thanks for an uplifting and much-needed respite form the deep humidity we have been experiencing here at "Islesview"!!!

All my Love ALWAYS!

Post Script: From my Mom again...

When you are troubled or feel down...
Look up!!!

I "read" you Mom!!!

Good Painting !... to ALL!!!


  1. Glad to see Allie looking so danged good, Bruce! I appreciate the update! Love the photo of the boy band...I'm not positive but I'm guessing back left is you?

  2. Good morning Sherry!... We as a family are so pleased and proud of Allie's tenacious spirit and her positive outlook. Helps make a dark time for us all brighter!

    Nope... the "boy artist" is dead centre... proudly toting his Fender Stratocaster. Wish that I owned that sucker today! Sold it for a song... way back int the day when I packed in the band business chapter of my life!

    Thanks for dropping in this morning!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Thank you for the update on Allie she sure looks like she is having fun! how deep is that water! Looks a bit scary right out at sea. Those days of autumn are indeed here, the low sun and the cooler temperatures during the early morning and in the evening. Is that really you in the middle! looks a great wee band Bruce.

  4. Morning Bruce. How warm is that water? I had imagined that it would be quite cold. Probably because I'm used to seeing your paintings of it frozen over in the winter. When I think about it though, the Great Lakes, being inland seas, might warm up quite a bit in the summer. You look like you were having a great time whatever the temperature!

    All the best,

  5. Good morning Caroline!... Yes... we share similar and noticeably different weather that spells out clearly that summer has fled... though we have just experienced a deep heat wave and heavy humidity for several days. I am relieved to see those conditions out of the way... I suffer with the heat. As you know... I'm "The Snowman"... HA HA!!

    Allison has really shown great courage and resilience throughout the chemo ordeal. FIngers crossed for the remainder of the treatments still to be undergone... and a positive outcome!

    Thank you for your positive presence and interest Lass... both really help a great deal.... Thank you!

    Yes... that is indeed me centre and in front. It was a "great wee boy band" that we built from ground zero together. I learned a great deal about what hard work and a belief in one's self and abilities could accomplish... when put together with other like minded individuals with the same dream and work ethic. It was pure magic and a wonderful chapter in my own journey.

    Wishing you a wonderful autumn transition with...

    Good Painting and Health,
    Warmest regards,

  6. Good morning Keith!... We have indeed enjoyed some wonderful summer swimming... actually more for either of us for many years. "Kids" like company to play and swim...HA HA!

    The temperature for our first swim in mid August had a bit of a "shocker" entry... but then went to comfortable quickly as the body adjusted. There were no such effects for the second swim. It was the same as entering a heated swimming pool... with the water temperature at a comfortable 71 degrees F. The third occasion brought back the initial cold effect upon entry... but totally enjoyable and a relief from the heat and humidity.

    We hope to "take the plunge" at least once or twice before fall effects creep in and makes the water comfortable only for the fish. The water has already dropped well over a foot... an annual phenomena, as they release water from the lakes and river to the port of Montreal and the power dam located at Cornwall. All are elements to be expected when autumn approaches...

    We have had great fun together... I treasure these moments!

    Thanks for checking in regularly Keith. Your presence means a lot to me!

    Good Painting... and Happy Fall!
    Warmest regards,

  7. It certainly looks like you have had a good giggle on your adventures. (Always good for the soul) Swimming with orcas is a new one on me!

    Best wishes to you all.

  8. What wonderful memories you have - and what wonderful memories you are still making!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of you and Allie like dolphins in the water :) Laughter is the best medicine of all.

  9. Good morning Lisa!... Yup!... Giggles.. n' warm currents take the chill out of life. Orca... and all of Allies' other animal pals Ms Pig... Hippo... Ella Phant... George the Giraffe turn out in full form to bring comfort and caring!


    Thanks for dropping in and for adding your kind words of encouragement and support!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  10. Good morning Rhonda!... Laughter and memories soothe the soul... of young and old!

    We Shermans love to laugh and play... always on the menu whenever we get together! Thank you for dropping by Rhonda! Much appreciated!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  11. Hi Karen!... Thanks for checkin' in!

    Allie's beyond a mere beauty Karen!

    In spirit... "She" is both a gladiator... an exemplar of courage and determination.

    "She's my Heroine... always has been!

    Good Painting!

  12. She is an amazing young woman and it has always been my great joy to be lucky enough to be a part of her life! She is wise beyond her years!!!!

    Good painting to you too Bruce!

  13. Our entire family's sentiments exactly Karen... and the family shares that same luck to have shared part of the journey together with you.

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,