Monday, August 24, 2015

"Morning glory... What's your story?"

A Garden Tale

I paused this morning as I passed alongside our lane side garden... now on its annual August descent out of bloom. Gone for another summer season are the the bright masses of day lily grandeur and colour... as are the daisy clumps and many other familiar summer faces. Their absence reminds me... along with the later sunrise that summer is waning quickly.

I am grateful though... for the unusual warmth of the River in August. More swimming time remains. I am grateful too for the wistfully vibrato call of loons that greet me each morning - excitedly talking long distance to each other up and down the still waters of the dawn. It is comforting in a bittersweet sort of way and reminds me... along with the human farewells that repeat each morning at Andress's dock... that Summer 2015 is drawing to a close.

I notice for the first time that ringlets of purple morning glories curl their way up ... along and through the entire garden and trellis... now abandoned by spent summer clematis. This morning, they truly do live up to the glory in their name. I paused for several minutes to examine more closely their previously unnoticed beauty. They now completely dominated the garden... along with their towering bluebell neighbours... offering solace and awe in the same breath.

I returned to the house and grabbed my camera to record these shots to share with you. I would paint them... in their rich purple robes were it remotely possible. But the camera records their truth best I think.

                                                                  Either horizontally...

.... or vertically

Their Friendly and unexpected purple presence resulted in these thoughts that I would like to share as well. The first line derives from a popular song:

Morning Glory... what's your story?
Why did you wait this long to trumpet your garden song?
You choose to take the stage unheralded.
Well behind the grand pageantry that summer warmth extols.

What is it in the cool of August nights and morns
That coaxes you from hiding and into the rapidly diminishing summer light?
Do you as I... seek morning solitude alone... to stretch our wings... to think and grow
When others choose to sleep?

I wonder what makes us so... what stirs our hearts
To seek out silence and a private space.
It is here... I think... in His Creation and alone... clinging to Him, 
That we truly know... and understand our place.

A Second Garden Tale

I had spoken earlier in the week to my long time Friend Frank Edwards to arrange another painting trek to add to our forty year plein air adventures. We decided to head out again to the nearby quaint village of Lyndhurst  to paint some more village subjects there.

We took many pictures there... but somehow we decided to try somewhere new WE headed further north into Rideau country... ending up finally in the pretty village of Newboro... located on the historic Rideau Canal. We had lunch first and then set to choosing a subject that appealed to us. We weren't long settling on a quiet side street with many historic homes with their gardens. Both of us chose to set up "side-by-each" and to paint... a garden.

Without further ado... I offer the jpeg of my view... and my impression. It was another occasion when I felt as "one" with Creation... even though on this occasion, I had company. What more does Life offer than the beauty of Creation... and a true Friend to share it with. Thanks Frank!

"Afternoon Delight, Newboro" - oil on birch cradle board panel 10x8 inches  SOLD

Admittedly... the result is a lot of dabs and dobs... too small a format. But I do like the light created and the simplification of forms within the composition. And to boot... we shared a great day together... "out there".

Enjoy what's left of your summer... wherever you are... and

Good Painting!... to ALL!!


  1. Gorgeous painting, Bruce. I too love the morning glory!

  2. Good morning Sherry!... Thanks for dropping by! I too... love the glory of morning! HA HA!

    Happy Summer!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Beautiful "dabs and dobs" in this one and a great day shared! We have morning glories in all colors up our trellis and mailbox and lightpost, a beautiful beginning to the days now as they are full and lush - and the hummingbird likes them, too. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Good morning Rhonda!... Thanks for your encouraging comments! Seems that morning glories find their way around... creeping into everyone's garden spaces.

    They sure have resuscitated our garden view... unexpectedly too! A pleasant surprise!

    Our resident hummingbirds fight over their nectar too... more fun!

    Have a great painting week!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Beautiful! Painting with Frank is always a good day!

  6. Thanks Karen!... You're right.... and I' have enjoyed many a good day with him over the years.

    Each one is always better than the last one. ... A great pal!

    Hope that your painting is fulfilling!


  7. Hello Bruce, I haven't seen this plant before called Morning glory but it is a treat to see it here, it really does glow and the camera shows all of the detail too. The poem is really nice too. Your painting is very pretty and captures a quaint warm and homeliness which is very welcoming to see. Carry on the great work and glad you got out to do some painting.

  8. Good evening Lass!... So nice to hear from you!

    Morning glories to some are a nuisance because they really do take over in a garden... but I love things that have a mind of their own! HA HA!

    The painting has really been "what the doctor ordered" for me and as always... it pulls me back up by the bootstraps.

    Painting with Frank by itself is another stabilizer for me. We have travelled together through thick and thin... for so many wonder-filled and adventuresome years. I am greatly blessed to share friendship with him.

    Have a great summer of painting!
    Warmest regards,

  9. Afternoon delight, indeed! Its a delightful and lively rendering of a beautiful scene. My garden too is on the wane but I am looking forward to the crisp and cool Autumn air and the changing of the leaves.

  10. Hello there Susan!.. Thanks for dropping by and adding your encouraging thoughts and compliments!

    Autumn is a grand time to be "out there"... en plein air... and I shall be too.

    Good luck with your own painting! I'll drop over to your site for a look-see.

    Warmest regards,