Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Holy Mackinaw!... How Time Flies!

On Friday, February 28th, 2014... The Sherman Clan heartily welcomed its newest member...; a drowsy-eyed young lad... Malcolm Justin Michael Sherman, first son of Andrew and Melissa into their lives... and ours!

It has been a glorious year of "firsts" for this new life... beginning with this opening soliloquy of silence and contentment. Though the contentment has maintained its initial momentum... sounds have grown exponentially... and so now... has the mobility factor. He has just begun the process of acquiring a set of wheels under him. Watch him go guys! Are you really ready for this?

He and I share Aquarian roots... my birthday having already landed on February 11th. A better gift a father couldn't ask for... than another healthy grandchild. Wee Mac joins the company of Lisa's children Ryan, Mica and Braden. Add in Deb's grand girls Ava and Ella... and we find ourselves needing only three more on the roster to field a baseball team. Who knows?

This Saturday, February 28th... the Sherman clan will again assemble in Rockwood ,Ontario to celebrate Wee Mac's first birthday. Deb and I had been really looking forward to the gala and break from the painting show schedule here in Rockport. I have been hard at it. However... a very bad flu virus felled me late last week... and it has Deb on the ropes as I write this evening. Attending is out of the question and in my conversation this afternoon with Andrew... he could clearly understand why... upon hearing my voice.

Each of my children checked in to wish me a happy birthday... gift enough for any parent, but the generous spirit of each one always manifests itself uniquely... and I feel deeply blessed. Allison came to visit and brought a couple of treasures from Andrew and Melissa. Here is my favourite page from the Twelve First Months of Mac Calendar. I wonder why?.... HA HA

 Mr Malcolm McMarch 
The card shown brought birthday greetings to me from Auntie Allison! Proud Canadians all... in our plaid Canadian hats and tuxedos!

I am sending this post your way guys... so that our presence manifests itself in a small way. Though we can't be there physically for this very special birthday... Know that you are in our hearts... each one of you... each and every day... and always! As soon as the flu bug flies away... we'll be up for our own celebration and we'll bring along another cake to fete you with Mac!

Enjoy and savor each of these new steps that you watch and share together. Tuck them safely away in a special part of your heart for some "quiet" day... when those same feet have trundled on down the road on their own special journey. Save some of those annoying fingerprints seemingly left everywhere as they grow up. You'll wish some distant day that you had the chance to discover them one more time. Enjoy every precious moment... for they do have their time!

Because of you... "I" am greatly blessed. Thank you ... one and ALL!!!!

All our love always!
Dad and Deb

Play this for "Me" at the Gathering... Sing along together... and I'll surely be fully there!

Happy Birthday Mr Mac! We love you dear Spirit... to the moon and back!


  1. Hi Bruce, I'm sorry to hear that you will have to miss the clan gathering, especially when you were looking forward to it so much.

    Hope you're feeling better soon,

  2. Oh boy!!!!!!!!!! This year has flown by indeed! He is a delight! So sorry to hear you have been sick and now Deb has picked up the nasty bug. I did have the flu shot and fortunately never picked it up this year. Are you snowbound, Bruce? I do so love the snow, especially if I don't have to leave the house!

  3. Good morning Keith!... I have turned the corner in my duel with the flu demons... and am going back to the easel to get on with my work. The clock is definitely running down !

    I'll get in my fix with a quick visit up to be with Andrew, Melissa and Mac after the waters have cleared entirely.... and as well... when the show is no longer looming over my shoulder!

    Thanks for dropping by and for your sentiments!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Good morning Sherry!... The world... though filled with deep snow and deep cold this morning seems so much better with the flu monkey nearly off my back!

    Hot toddies... Buckley's Cough Syrup... four YUKKY doses daily... and my homemade soups are the order of business to get Deb back on her feet! Dr Bruce is in charge.... HA HA!! .,.... and she hates every moment of it. Too weak to offer much resistance.... and I ply her with multiple games of Scrabble to win her back! HA HA!!! We're both coping... and winning.... together!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,m

    PS Note at the bottom of the last post that I posted the "flat" and correct version of the wee triptych which you and Keith Tilley noted lacked tonal clarity on the left hand panel !

  5. Time does in deed fly, I am so sorry that you missed the family gathering and so pleased that you are on the mend. I am sure there will be many gatherings in the future for you to catch up with the 'lil man.

    Best wishes to Deb for a speedy recovery and to you as always,

  6. Hello there Lisa!... How nice to hear your "voice" again... I truly have missed our connections and sharing!

    How is motherhood... and your own wee one? I hope that you are enjoying all of the magic that this special... but fleeting time offers one. I look forward to seeing more posts at your Sea Shore Studio site.

    I am well on the mend today... and Deb is once again taking nourishment... chicken noodle soup is the order of the day! HA HA!

    Thanks ever so much for your surprise visit Lisa. It is just what the doctor odered! Thank you!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,