Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day 2014... in Rockapulco!

"Goodbye Mummy!".... Not my own words... but those of a young woman preparing to leave on a long and warm homeward journey to somewhere in Nebraska. As her /partner/husband dutifully loaded camp bags... back packs and golf clubs in the trunk of their vehicle... mother and daughter hung on to each other with a reluctance to ever let go. I recognized and remembered so many of those same bitter-sweet farewells that I had with my own parents at our nearby cottage "Shangri-lai".. and saw repeated time after time with other families... from both sides of our beloved River. There is a time to come... and a time to go. Parents remain and the grown children must leave this summer Neverland... with its endless days of swimming, fishing and shoeless exploring. Adults must live (mostly) in a world governed by deadlines and schedules.... and responsibilities which children during childhood are exempted from entirely. But Time... the great master of us all mandates change... and change we must!

We have decorated our front lawn to demonstrate our Canadian pride for certain... but for us it is more correctly a visible invitation to laugh and to connect with visitors to our quaint village. We consider ourselves as Canadian ambassadors-without-portfolio... obligated to send away those we meet with a sense of welcome and an appreciation of our heritage and culture. This is a necessary function that we feel as committed to... as presenting our artworks for sale. In our experience... this method of approaching the visitors accomplishes both ends.


 Easy Rider                                                               and The Paint Box Peace-nik!

Our gardens have taken a lot of my time to prepare them to offer their beauty and we are deeply satisfied by the attention... "Kodak moments" we observe daily and comments people offer us in passing. It is not a boisterous or professionally designed masterpiece by our hands... but rather a stewardship garden... passed to us for our pleasure and use by a previous owner and master gardener, Mrs. Morphet. We try to keep faith with her  vision of loveliness and her passion for all things floral.

Looking down Lily Lane to our Gallery

Windswept corner down Front Street

The floppy poppy family

Radiant red lilies join the floral fray

Mother Nature continues to add her own predictable summer bouquet of wildflower blooms... the latest marking the mid point of summer.... field daisies, black-eyed Susans and day lilies... just to name a few. There are a host of others... noted and considered by most as... merely "weeds". But I love and enjoy them... anywhere but on our front lawn! HA HA!!

Nature's Bouquet... wild and sweet!

I wish to send out our Happy Canada Day and 4th of July greetings and best wishes to ALL of our family members and friends wherever you are celebrating this next week... from The Paint Box Gallery in Rockport. We are deeply blessed... and most grateful of the privilege of living "Free" in a country  such as ours. Thank you to those men and women who make that so for us through their service and sacrifices on our behalf.

Rich blessings to ALL!!

Stay Happy... and Safe!


  1. Oh I do love the picture of the "peacenik!" And what a great flag created to share with our brothers and sisters to the north! I love that! And the attitude that goes along with it, I might add. Love seeing your paintings like this Bruce. And seeing Deb's stained glass in the window of your home. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a piece hanging in every window? Oh I would love the whimsy of that!

  2. Hi Sherry!... Thanks for visiting and adding such wonderful comments and ideas!

    What's life without laughter... even if it's at your own expense? HA HA!!

    I love the joint flag because to me. it best combines and symbolizes the seamless border... the Saint Lawrence River which separates our two countries.

    We very well might just place one stained glass piece in each window...my suggestion already... especially over the winter months when it is so grey and drab for so many months. Stay tuned!.... Whimsy coming your way! Great idea Sherry!

    Good Painting... and Happy Fourth to you and your fellow Americans!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi, Bruce! Love how your lawn is all decked out to celebrate the Holiday and to bring a smile to all who view it.

    Those are great paintings and I really like their festive presentation.

    My thanks and prayers go out to all those in service who have sacrificed and are sacrificing so much to protect our way of life.

    Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!!!


  4. Hi Bruce, I hope you had a good Canada Day. The photos certainly show you looking full of holiday spirit. The garden is looking good for the occasion as well, rewarding all your hard work.

    All the best,

  5. Hi there Dean!... Thank you for your kind words and for shriang our common view about remembering those who serve us... particularly on these special holiday celebrations.

    Happy Independence Day and rich blessings to you Dean!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Good morng Keith!... We surely did have a good Canada Day celebration here in Rockport... complete with a severe weather and tornado watch. Lots of blow... but no show... thank heavens!

    Our garden is rich in floral content... colour and variety at the moment... and photographed... even walked in admiringly by folks from who-knows-where. But we enjoy watching them share this rich blessing in our lives. That's what summer life in Rockport is about... tourism... and a festive holiday spirit.

    Thanks for dropping by to share our Canada Day Sherman shenanigans! HA HA!!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Bruce your patriotic pride is shared by myself. I have Canadian roots and love, love, love Canada!
    Such a beautiful little spot you have.
    Happy summer, friend.

  8. Hello there Mary!... We do share your pride in Canada Mary... and in this case rolled in a bit of silly humour with it for fun.

    Our home here on the river in Rockport is indeed filled with beauty... and nowhere moree obvious than in our garden. The various floral offerings... particularly the numerous bright day lilies draw much attention from passerby visitors and their cameras. It gives us much joy to share this beauty... and to pass it forward for the original master gardener Mrs. Morphet who created it. I am merely a steward of her gift in her absence.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by and add your comments.

    Happy summer to you Mary.... and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,