Thursday, February 13, 2014

Imagine... if you can!

Today is a day we set aside to reach out in love to those who make our lives full. Each of us has our own unique way I'm show to their commitment and gratitude to these special people. Imagine... if we made that same special effort... every day of the year... if only in a small, but meaningful fashion... or through a simple act of recognition or kindness. Can you imagine the breadth of love that we could each create... and can you imagine the feelings of love and belonging that we each would feel being returned to us? Where in this world... would there be room for hatred to dwell?

There are so many different forms of love... ways to show love and to describe what love is. Love can be found in unexpected places and come to you ... when you least expect it. Sometimes we search for that special "Heart of Gold" in all of the wrong places and at times... and often for the wrong reasons. We even at times mislead others... or are ourselves misled by others in our own pursuit of love.

My dictionary offers numerous definitions for the word "love". But the one that perhaps suits me best is the phrase that defines love as "a warm-hearted, passionate...wholehearted feeling for something or someone". Wholehearted... broadly encompasses the sense of depth and commitment which seems to me mutually fulfilling and healthy for both parties.

When you leave those that you love most... do you always leave them with the precious words...I love you? My Gramp Birrell one said to me, "Bruce, never leave anyone you love and care about without giving them a hug... ands a kiss leaving them with those precious I love you words. It may well be the very last time you might have to say that to them." I have never forgotten those words.... and have taught all of my family and children this wee lesson. It is a gift to carry it with you... to console and to reaffirm that you love... and are loved... unconditionally.

It is strange... and continues to mystify me that one can actually discover the "possibility" of love in so many unexpected and unusual places. If the Heart... be the true symbol of the presence of love... then consider these discoveries that I came upon... without even looking. None of these were constructed - they were truly "happenstance".... or were they????

I wonder!....

This love letter emerged in a swooooosh!..... from my can of Foamy shaving lotion. I hurried downstairs to my computer to record it.

This whole grain... "good for your heart"... heart tumbled on to the kitchen table. Deb couldn't believe her eyes! What a way to start your day!

This hearty "dude" is certainly gnarly... but it sure "lifted my heart"... on one of my plein air painting forays!

This icy heart on the road surely  has a "negative" outlook... but it made me smile on a grey day hike.

This icy fellow... illuminated by early morning light right beneath our kitchen window  shows his "positive" out look on the winter cold. How can you not smile... and love his style?

Here's a shady type "negative" asphalt heart... showing both his yin and yang sides!

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Here's is more prominent and perfect and pure cousin... a standout amongst his other asphalt family members! There's one in every family... EH???

This misty ... worn sea glass heart has tumbled around the beach for heavens knows how long? will he ever find true love.... perhaps settle down???

He's not traditional red  love heart... but I treasure this captured heart from my beach combing adventures at St Andrew's, Scotland. Reminds me of a "Special" day with my Sweet Heart daughter Allison!

This is a special minstrel ... we met him at the entrance to the Rogers Stadium.... home for the Toronto Blue Jays. I was taking Deb to a game (she had no idea where we were... or where we were going). As we approached this "straight from the sixties" troubadour began belting out Neil Young's anthem.... "Heart of Gold." How could he have known that Deb was with "Me"??? Strange... it made my day!  HMMMMM!.....A painting one day!

This acrylic painting was made for my Mom for Mother's Day. It is entitled simply..."Love Is". It depicts my seat... and the feeling of warmth... safety and sense of belonging that I felt in the classroom of my Grade Four teacher Miss Evelyn Mott. Remember my Apple Picking painting from the last post?.. The painting has a story to tell... but that's another story... for another day! this post is getting too long already.

Two ol' (f)Hearts... here in Paradise! No more lookin' for my Heart of Gold!... But yes... I' m gettin old... Peacefully! We are deeply blessed....

Rich blessings of love to my children Lisa, Allison, Andrew, Liam and Bryn and my grand kids Ryan, Mica and Braden. Might as well throw in  "Wee Mac".... he's on the way as we speak! Thank you Spence, Jody and our Sweet Hearts Ava and Ella. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

And to my blogging Friends... if a Heart be the symbol of love between friends... then"I"send along all of these heart gifts to each of you! Happy Valentine's wishes to all! I have been blessed to find love in may places. But to be truthful... I try to carry it with with me in my own heart which is the purse that holds all of my love. Open your purse strings. Share your Love... your Light and your Art... every day of the year.

Thank you for your continued love and precious presence in our lives!

Good Painting... and Much love... to ALL!


  1. Right back at you, Bruce & Deb. I always notice these types of hearts myself. Your grandfather's words are wonderful and ones that everyone should live by.

  2. Hi there Sherry!... Thanks for dropping by... and AS ALWAYS... for sharing your own ideas so openly!

    Love is manifested everywhere around you... if your heart is open to seeing... recognizing... and receiving it! These random "heart beats" are merely physical manifestations of that truth! I found another one... on my English Muffin at breakfast this morning!

    Stay tuned... for more of my fooolish jibber-jabber! HA HA!!!

    That everyone practised what my Grampa taught... "What a wonderful world this could be"! Say... wouldn't that make a great song??? HA HA!! We are certainly not alone with our thoughts... principles and practices Sherry!

    Shine on!... and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Bruce, thanks for all your good wishes. What your images tell me is that love is all around, we just have to look for it.

    All the best,

  4. Hi there Keith!... Thanks for your visit!

    "Love is in the air""... everywhere... if your eyes are open to seeing it... just as you said!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards, Bruce

  5. What a wonderful Valentine for us all, Bruce! Thanks so much for sharing great photos, words, and paintings :).

  6. Good morning Rhonda!... Valentines... for Valentines!... Deserving folks who are loving and supportive!

    Thank "You"... for your many visits and encouragement!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Catching up with a few recent posts with my morning tea! Loved this one! I share your philosophy for handing out the hugs and "I love yous", as you know. Enjoyed all the photos of the heart formations, especially the shaving cream one! I have my colourful hearts card up on my board.
    Love you, Dad, and always grateful for our family's legacy of love. It is the most important thing.

  8. Good morning Sweet Heart!... What a wonderful midday "lifter-upper" and unexpected Valerntine it is... to read your comments!

    As my post suggested Allison... and as we, as a family already recognize and practise... the "I love yous n' hugs"... generously and consistently shared with our family members and cherished Friends is really what "living the good life" should be about! Nothing else really matters at the end of the journey!

    That legacy of love you mention in our Family... is not the product one of individual or one generation alone. It is one based upon the practice and input of a tradition distant from our current lives asnd physical locations. It has been passed forward... and I am proud that your much cherished words give ample evidence that it shall continue into your Future! That is a blessing... upon our house!

    "We" (our whole Family) love "You" as well Allison... and are exceedingly proud every single day to call you our daughter. Asd your Father... I am... dseeply blessed... and I thank you!

    Much Peace... Happiness and Love ALWAYS!
    Dad and Deb

  9. I like the way you think, my friend!
    A belated Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Hi there Dean!... We think much the same way about making art... sharing it.... and about the spiritual aspects that guide in our very common journeys!

    Thanks for stopping by and your best wishes!

    Rich blessings and continued...
    Good painting my Friend!
    Warmest regards,