Sunday, December 29, 2013

Art is in the the eye of the beholder

The ice storm indeed wrought havoc nearly everywhere in Ontario and reshaped the Christmas celebrations of many... including us here in Rockport. On my walk arounds in  Rockport during it... I found icy art sculptures in every nook and cranny in the village. As is often the case in life, there exists a strange paradox in dire situations such as these. Being able to see both sides requires an open mind to look beyond the obvious to reveal accompanying beauty. But I realize was well... that the dire side of one's situation has to be dealt with before one can consider any other side of the coin. Fortunately, mine was less dire and less prolonged.

I well remember great periods of cold and deep winter of my early childhood. One parallel memory from my early life that strongly remains with me is the profound wonder I felt when I would go window-to-window in our warm home in awe of discovering the frosty... complex geometric etchings on each. What miraculous works of art they were... to my young eyesthen. And that sense of awe and wonder has not been depreciated at all...even after all  the years. Now ... I realize more than is wonder that most shapes my own view of my world and that directs my creative energy and interests. Could that be true for all artists? Are we merely, as sc-fi writer Ursula Le Guin suggests in this quote: "The creative adult is the child who survived."

 I wonder.....

Here are some of the icy wonders that Mother Nature created... and that I enjoyed and photographed. Perhaps you might enjoy them as well. So, I am passing them along... without comment to you for your enjoyment... and use... should you be so inclined.

                                             Two glorious wonders at work: ..." Fire n' Ice"

"I believe that wherever you find the profane, can the sacred be far behind?"
-Douglas Coupland, Canadian Novelist

Remain warm and safe...
Good Painting... and looking... to ALL!!


  1. Nice photos, thanks for taking us along with you on your walk, truly, an icy Wonderland! Spring will be here soon, the days are getting longer already!

  2. Hi Bruce! The photos are beautiful indeed and thank you for the option of using them in our art efforts. I'm so glad you said that because I wondered that with yesterday's photos and I see more that I'd love to have a go with at some point. As slow as I seem to manage my art, it will be awhile, but I really love several of these photos!

    I found myself wondering about artists in general this morning with your words. Why? It was your memory of being awed by nature's design of ice crystals on your windows when you were a child. I too was awed by that particular spectacle. I wonder if this ability to notice the design in life, in this world, the beauty inherent in nature, the wonder, the awe of it all, that all artists might have in common. I wonder if it is this particular bent that every artist shares. I don't know...just thinking aloud...Hope all those in Toronto are back up and running by now.

    Here we are going from one extreme to the next in weather...below zero one day, mid 50's the next (Fahrenheit scale). I think people are going to be getting sick, alas.

  3. Good morning Jerry!... Nice to have you visit! I too look forward to the increased light and upcoming opportunities to get "out there"... doing what I love best!

    Your own photos are equally lovely - real works of art!

    Good Painting and Picture Taking!

    Warmest regards,

  4. Good morning Sherry!... Nice to chat again! It gladdens me greatly that you enjoyed the photos. Do feel absolutely free to use them in any fashion you wish to... whenever the creative spirit moves you!

    As we have discussed many times before... we share many common joys... memories and practices in our very separate journeys. That is exactly what the post addresses today.... life journeys in parallel !

    Stay warm ... safe and enjoy your family!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,