Friday, August 9, 2013

The Art... in Tying of Knots!

This upcoming weekend will be a hectic one for us here at The Paint Box Gallery. There are many events and festivities around Rockport which should draw many visitors to the village. We have an annual River Rib Fest slated for the weekend in Brockville and a Brockville-Gananoque Poker Run Power Boat Charity event which will fill the remaining space in the village with ear-splitting noise as it passes in both directions. Not my cup o' tea... but it does raise $$$ for charity... so I ease up on my gas pedal of criticism for the small discomfort it brings me ... on MY River! HA HA!!! Should be good Gallery traffic at any rate!

From Monday through  to Thursday, Deb and I enjoyed a wonderful four day visit with Bryn here and we certainly made great use of that small window of being together. We shared quality time at  play... making food together ... watching movies and conversation. It is not the quantity of time one spends with loved ones that really matters... but rather the quality of that time spent together. We all certainly enjoyed that "AAA"quality time spent during this uplifting family sojourn. Hope to add another visit... before the busy schedules and the dreaded September school bell (w)rings out time available for such visit.

Argggh Mateys!... Shiver me timbers Lads! Four Mini Putting Pirates at Clayton NY... putting away a fine summer day!

Bryn in the preparation mode... putting together a sumptuous summer meal for us

The Paint Box Gallery's own Iron Chef... Grillin'... n' chillin on the patio!

Marinated chicken... and double-baked potatoes... Sizzlin' Good!

Does the summer life get any better??? A fine tasty meal... lovingly prepared by your son! Made our day Brynner!

This afternoon, Deb and I are on the way to Brockville... to be present at the wedding of our painting friend and Landsdowne business owner Isolde Van Jaarsveld Paul's son, JD and Lisa Watchorn. We met Lisa... a vivacious, intelligent and articulate gal... in her managerial role at Isolde's restored, art filled treasure house
dream, Country Living in the small nearby rural village of Lansdowne. It is well worth the visit to that village alone... just to browse the handpicked art and artisan items which fill this heritage site to the rafters!

JJ and Lisa's classy invite

Friendships and relationships are both knot-tying activities of sorts... in that two separate "lines" are joined together with mutual consent and cooperation... in a special way to conjoin those separate entities. How long the "knot" holds... is dependent upon many influences, both internal and external. But mostly, these are sustained by the internal effort and integrity of the two "pieces of rope." So describes the "tying the knot" idiom  in marriage. Keeping the Family tied together is another knot as well. As children move out into their own brave new worlds... it takes genuine effort and a willingness to share common values and to pull together... against the external pressures that might tear the two apart.

Lisa much admired my demo painting of "Sunken Rock Lighthouse, Alexandria Bay, NY"... completed at last year's Annual Paint Out in Rockport. Sorry Lisa... it was sold in July. But perhaps this recent "Rock Island Light- Clayton, NY" plein air piece will suffice as our wedding gift to celebrate your wedding. Let us hope that our knots tied in friendship hold us fast... so that we can enjoy many more years of happy occasions together! Our combined congratulations to you both come along with our best wishes for a long voyage of adventure and good health together!

Art can tie the strings of the heart inextricably together... even though... it is offered with ... "no strings attached"! HA HA!!!

"Summer Breezin'...Rock Island Light, NY" - oil on canvas 16x20 inches

Tomorrow... Deb and I are planning (after our day of Paint Box Gallery responsibilities) to celebrate her 64th birthday,  in the same fashion that we choose to live our lives together. Quietly... sharing the creation of a meal and an evening of Scrabble.Ending with a joint movie pick from Netflix... in the complete privacy of our wonderful "Islesview" home in Rockport. A simple celebration... no hoopla!

"Cruising down the River..." of Life ... Together!

We are deeply blessed. Our "knot"... is binding in each of our hearts for certain. But that knot was willingly... lovingly and with fore thought tied ten years ago. Though distance at times does separate us... the knot and two lines remain... as "One"... by choice! Happy Birthday Deb!

"I" love "You"... "to the moon and back"! 

In closing... I offer these Knotty Nauticals that I have found interesting and have "saved for a rainy day". You get what I mean Guys! "Art" lies all around us in our every day lives... if we choose to slow down... and "See"!

Neat Freak! Cleat hitch... with a trip proof safe spiral

Not pretty perhaps... but purposeful...

Covering all the bases...

 I'm an ordinary...regular kinda guy! The common...Simple "Cleat Hitch"

 Knot  aficionado at play..... A "doubled up" double turn with two half hitches... I think! A no-nonsense..."Snug as a bug in a rug" docking knot!

Spaghetti knot... I'm in a hurry

Show off!

Hope that you enjoyed my "Knotty... but nice" ending for this post!

Smooth Summer Sailing... and Good Painting .... to ALL !!


  1. I enjoyed this post. You have a smart young fellow there! How many young folks know how to cook at his age? Those taters are a work of art!

  2. Hi there Wendy!... Thanks for your visit and kind comments regarding Bryn's culinary dfforts! He is indeed a smart young man that we are proud of for so many reasons-cooking is but one of them!

    I enjoyed eating his tater art... as much as you enjoyed the post!
    Thanks for adding your thoughts!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. I always love your word play, Bruce. I'm a bit of a wordsmith myself at times. Love the knots, want the dinner, and wish I was in need of a gift like the one your friends will get! LOL Happy birthday to Deb!

  4. Hello there Sherry!... I always enjoy your honest and heartfelt comments to my posts! They inspire me really. Did you ever think of your Self... as a Muse? You never know how important "You" are in the lives of even those that you admire and look up to.

    Each of us carries within us the capacity to inspire! A simple smile costs nothing to use and we have had the capacity to do so since infancy!

    Wordsmithing is a connector... because it is playful... and if not used like a surgical scalpel... it inspires people to listen and to participate playfully... in the "game" of Life!

    Thank you for your visits and inspiration. I much look forward to our chats and sharing Sherry!

    Happy Summer!
    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,


  5. Some knots are poorly tied from the start and soon pull apart. This is definitely not the case with your knot! Happy sailing, you two!
    Happy birthday to that "young pup", Deb!

  6. Hi there Dean!... Thanks for "nautical" read on our knot! It is indeed a specially tied... and tended knot Dean!

    Sometimes... when you don't get your "knot tying" straight right away... you have to pay more attention... and keep trying!

    We are blessed to be spliced together.... back on our River!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Good Painting... and smooth sailing to you as well!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi Bruce, glad to hear that you are keeping busy and enjoying the summer.

    Belated birthday wishes to Deb.

    All the best,

  8. Hi there Keith!... Thanks for visiting. It has been a very busy summer. Not as much painting as I would usually be at... but the busy at other things was necessary and had yielded rewards.

    We enjoyed our quiet respite to celebrate Deb's birthday in our own quiet.... but festive way. That's what she likes.

    Paint outs start in September... I'm in the planning stage with that at the moment.Love the cooler weather and colours!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  9. Hi Bruce,

    Sounds like you are having a great summer and a busy one, that's great. Can't believe the summer is almost over, but I do like the the changing of the seasons. All set to roll up my sleeves and get busy with studio work as well as plein air. Love it all, and yes, so do you, we are very fortunate.

    All the best to you and Deb, you have a beautiful family.

  10. Good morning Joan!.... Thanks for dropping by... and for the newsy comment!

    We do share many similar blessings and values in our painting and family lives.... and are indeed fortunate.

    Do enjoy your family and get "out there" when the season yields those fall colours we all so look forward to.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,