Sunday, May 26, 2013

Never Too Young... or Old to Learn!

" I pray every day that God make me a child, that is to say that He will let me see nature in the unprejudiced way that a child sees it."

-Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796 - 1875)
French Impressionist Painter

I share Corot's uncomplicated desire to go out to the world with the unprejudiced mind.... actions and heart of a child. I have always tried to do so in both my personal and artistic lives. I continue to work with that principle... and yet at every turn, I find it more and more difficult to achieve. While I can still manage to handle the unpleasant task of limiting adult intrusions with the pettiness and edgy competitive needs that are present around me... it is increasingly painful for me to bear witness to the the disconnect that is occurring between the world of adults and the children. At its worst... I bear witness daily to atrocities being carried out and directed at an alarmingly increasing number of innocent children in every part of the globe... including my own country. And yet still... there is Hope... and I choose to embrace... celebrate and nurture that Hope, using my gifts and my heart.

Today's post is dedicated to two very beautiful minds... already "artists" in their own right at such a young age simply because they express themselves without reservation... fear or rules which limit expression. They paint... draw... act ... and think with complete freedom - a Utopia which the rest of us yearn for and search for endlessly. We had it once... but we either chose,  or were forced "to grow up"... and to "act our age" and leave this kingdom of Joy and Mirth.

This post records their excitement... their joy and as strange as it seems... my own recovery from the sadnesses which have visited me too much as of late. I lovingly dedicate this post to you both... dearest Ava and Ella. Thank you for touching my heart and soul so. You never set out to do so... it merely happened without any of us realizing... and that is indeed the magic and blessing which comes only out of offering "unconditional love." I thank you too Spencer and Jody... for leading your Mom and I  "beside still waters" and allowing us to share in your beautiful children's lives. They speak so eloquently of the consistently loving parenting that you provide these wee souls daily. I can already sense the adventure and success that they will undoubtedly find because of your gifts to them.

Enough said really. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on... and they surely do in my heart and soul!

 The plein air set up in our yard.... acrylic primary colours... a round... a flat  and a rigger brush... sun screen ... hats...clear recycling bag smocks... and plenty o' room!

Gramma's tender support... always an arm length away!!!

Notice any adults ... snoopervising???? Not required!

Ava yanks all of her subjects from all around her.... this one a robin nesting under the nearby eave of the Gallery

Colourful Ella loves to compartmentalize... then fill spaces with joyous colours that she choose and mixes. Perhaps another Gramma making stained glass! HA HA!! Could she also become a Piet Modrian??.... I wonder......

 An unexpected visitor.... Carl the Duck joins the fun. Interesting.... BUT....

.. Back to my easel!
See ya later Carl!

                                                           Subject # 1 - Robin Nesting

Subject number# 2 - Gramma's Garden Flowers... and as always... "Mr Golden Sun" right where he should be... tucked carefully into the corner 

This is our Cranbrook Marginson family. Spencer, Ava, Ella and Jody at Islesview. Thank you for the heart filled with memories Guys! Miss you!

In closing... a line from a favourite Mormon hymn which I continue to sing and keep in my heart:

"There is beauty all around... when there's love at home.

Here is a love letter... a "thank you"... an unconditional declaration of love left on our refrigerator door by Ava. Kindness does matter... more precious a gift than anything else we can offer or dispense. And yet... ironically... offering it costs nothing at all... except conscious effort and time. This will hang on our refrigerator for a very long time. But it is indelibly etched and will be carried in our hearts .... Forever! Thank you Ava!!!

 Love you Gang... "To the moon and back"...

Mom and Bruce


  1. You and I share the same passion for family, Bruce. The joy I feel after a visit cannot be measured. These little ones are such a bright spot...and a soothing balm and a dose of just what the doctor ordered!

    Hoping all your days to come will be filled with bright spots, gifts of family visits, and sunny days.

    Dad, hubby and I will be visiting your neck of the woods at the end of June. It will be wonderful to see some of the homes and scenery you have painted.

    You are such a talented artist, and your posts are testament to what an all round nice guy...and tremendous parent...and grandparent you are.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good morning Wendy!.... Your comment more than adequately covers all of the same sentiments that we share regarding family and ints crucial oimportance in our daily lives.

    Thank you for your supportive and understanding words. WE share many more things on our journeys than just art. Isn't it grand... and comforting to know we travel with many more good folk?

    If your travels bring you close to Rockport when you are in "our neck o' the woods"... do drop by... I'd love to meet you personally with your family.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Oh boy, Bruce!! I just loved this post. Would that all children lived in "the kingdom of joy and mirth." I was rather stunned at how much your Ella looks like my Jayda. I love that as grandparents you have the patience and energy to set this up for the kids like this. I will have to take a page from your book one of these days. Love the word "snoopervising," too! LOL I loved each of these photos and you can just feel the love you have for Deb and your family all the way through each one.

  4. Thank "You" Sherry... For your always supportive and cogent comments!

    For most of us...all that we have is "Time" to share with our loved ones... be they family members or friends. At our age... it becomes the "coin of the realm"... and ironically... is more rich in value than any amount measured in dollars.

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing Sherry. Do take a stab at the paint our opportunity with your own grandkid posse. You'll thrill to the results... a promise!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Bruce, I found this post so uplifting. It was a joy to see the children just getting on and painting, and being so absorbed in it.

    All the best,

  6. Good morning Keith!... And I share that joy! Nothing is more uplifting to me than to be in the presence of children while they create. Their every stroke is so unfettered and free... their colour created intuitively pure and unabashed. Joy is the only word to express my feelings. Watching Deb with her chicks added even more to the occasion!

    Thanks for your visit and uplifting comment Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Oh Bruce, they are truly a joy to behold. I am so happy that you and Deb had a wonderful visit. It is so difficult when it is time to see them leave. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. They are adorable.

    All the best to you,

  8. Good morning Joan!... A joy to "be held"... says Deb! You would understand that feeling Gramma! HA HA!!!

    It was a most memorable visit... something that both "We" and "They" will treasure!

    Thanks for your visit and comments!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,