Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thanksgiving... Counting Your Blessings!

It seems so appropriate that glorious Autumn should include include the celebration  of Thanksgiving. Autumn is indeed traditionally that moment in time... dictated by season where the bounty of summer harvest is gathered in preparation for the cold barren winter lying ahead. At the conclusion of that harvest, all cultures have celebrated and given thanks as groups for their good fortune... usually by feasting... playing music and leisure activity after the strenuous activities of harvest.

In the North American tradition and observance... Thanksgiving is focussed upon Family celebrations and on turkey as the central staple on most tables. While all other additions to table fare can be seen to be governed by regional tastes, "Tom" seems to have a prominent place in the culinary hearts and tastes here in Canada and the United States.

Our family tradition usually follows this set path, but this year our observance will be changed, likely from now forward. It seems highly probable that Deb and I will be alone for Thanksgiving... minus our family members, simply because our move to Rockport has placed us distantly from the two youngest, Bryn and Liam. The other three.. in my own case, have moved on in their lives to have families of their own to celebrate with... and that is as it should be. Deb has much the same situation with her older boys. Brad has his assumed family duties nearby us... and Spencer, Jody and their young "gal" brood have just recently taken up residence in Cranbrook, British Columbia... on the westernmost side of Canada.

Though our families are indeed spread hither and yon at this point in our lives and theirs, we are blessed to have contact regularly as technology and opportunity provides so that all of us still maintain a sense and place of the sacredness of our ever-widening "Family Circle"... no matter distance... or circumstance. Time will bring necessary change to all of us. Rather than railing at that fact... we give thanks that our children can... not just exist in new life situations, but thrive and move on to find new adventure and opportunity as we have in our own lives. "We" give thanks ...for the continued strength and presence... of ... the "Other."

"Tom" will be free from the threat of the axe overhead this year in our Rockport Thanksgiving celebration... being replaced by Deb's forte and a favourite of mine... pork tenderloin. There will only be two (physically) seated at our table to share our meal... but each member of our family... even those who have passed beyond... will be there strongly in spirit. We choose not to forget the greatest blessing of life -Family!

Deb and I wish all of our Family and Friends... a simple "Happy Thanksgiving"... and rich blessings upon your lives and homes!

We are greatly blessed to have you in our lives! Thank you...All for enriching daily life!

"Bounty"... can come from unexpected sources when one looks with imagination... and then "Sees" possibility. This first "abstract" image below is not mine. It is simply a  discarded temporary palette on an 8x10 toned masonite panel used by a young girl Brittany in our time spent painting together. I looked at it many times as it sat without purpose beside my easel... but on one fallow day... I saw something within the abstraction which interested me, so I set to work...."imagineering"... playing with that interest.

 "Bounty"-an 8x10 inch panel was what emerged... and to my total surprise sold quickly to a lady visitor to the Gallery in Hillsdale. The resulting still life was purely conceived from the notion of "lines" which blocks of colour on that surface raised in my mind. It gave pleasure to me on a day when I was "outta gas"... and restless to do something. It , in turn gave pleasure to a lady who said that she had been looking unsuccessfully for just such a painting for her kitchen.

Out of "the ordinary" came "Bounty". Could that not also be said to be true of life as well? The greatest blessings in life are the smallest ones... closest at hand... and most often taken for granted! Unseen ... unrecognised ... Bounty! On this Thanksgiving, as you sit down to your table to celebrate as a family... look at each face around your table. Each is a blessing... and believe me, life is short and it will change as it evolves. Risk holding hands around the table and asking each of your family to relate a simple blessing that they enjoy in their daily lives. Those words might bring added bounty to your already rich lives!

Happy Thanksgiving out there!
God bless ALL!... and yes...

Good Painting to ALL!

PS An  early blessing for "Me"! Deb will be flying to Cranbrook on October 25th for a week to share Hallowe'en Trick-or-Treating with her much treasured Grandgirls... Ava and Ella!

"We" continue to be... deeply blessed.... here in Rockport!

This photo courtesy of Sandra Roemer... a fellow (digital) artist also sharing the beauty of Opeongo Road. Check out her wonderful work  at her exquisite web site at www.sandbarstudios.ca        

Can there be a better blessing in one's life than  this???... Not for me


  1. I really love this post. We have much to be thankful for, don't we? Thank you for sharing these sentiments!

  2. Good Morning Wendy! Thanks for your visit and comment!

    I am so happy that your comment touched you enough to cause you to reply. This post is special to "Me". Life is about attainable goals and blessings! Too often they are right under our noses all the time... and are not fully realized... until they are gone!

    Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Warmest blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Bruce, your words are always so very heartwarming. Thanksgiving for me is just not the day of warmth and love without the turkey. Silly, yes? Its rich tradition just means so much to me!

    Love your piece with the harvest bounty. The abstract? Not my cup of tea but then to each their own.

  4. Hi there Sherry!... Thanks for sharing your own thoughts and ideas on this morning's post!

    Traditions and artistic tastes should be different because they're both personal! Sharing them both is the key to a better... and more equal world! Art has the power to do that./

    There is a wonderful sign on the wall of my daughter Lisa's which gave me pause to smile... then to swell up with pride. It reads:

    "Kindness has power."

    Sharing a piece of our Happy Thanksgiving tradition... coming up... this weekend with "You"... and yours!

    Thank you for your presence and kindnesses Sherry! They are much appreciated!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. I love the story of how "Bounty" came to be, Bruce. As if Brittany's colorful palette waited in your presence until it's mission was fulfilled!
    His hand is present all things...big or small.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

  6. Hi there Dean! The Universe is a vast and mysterious entity Dean... and so is the Power of God in Creation!

    "Let your light so shine!..."

    Thank "You" for being present in my life through this blog networking medium Dean! I always look forward to our "conversations and connections!"

    Plenteous blessings of Thanksgiving to "You"!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi Bruce,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Deb. Lovely post and beautiful painting. Brittany's colorful palette was definitely not wasted.

    As for you and Deb having a small Thanksgiving dinner, I understand. My family has also moved on to different states, with the exception of my oldest son and his family. I agree with you Bruce, that is how it should be, when we love with open hands, they can fly away and come back when they want.

    Once again, beautiful words and painting from you my friend.

    All the best to you,

  8. Hi there Joan!... Thanks for your enthusiasm and your own personal feelings shared!

    Family is ... or should be ... Forever! The notion of family has changed in much of society and certainly distance... relocation and travel have brought dislocation to many family units.

    I was fortunate to be able to share time with my folks regularly during my full life and we always made the effort... in both directions to keep the circle intact.

    I have those Thanksgiving memories created together with them... and my own children to carry me along!

    I am deeply blessed!

    Thanks for dropping by Joan! Some Canadian Thanksgiving blessings sent your way my Friend!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,