Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding... Sharing and Living the Simple Life

Our move back to Rockport has already brought many rich blessings into my life. Each new summer day yields more adventures and discoveries it seems... reminiscent of those halcyon days in the beginning when "the Boy" slipped quietly (so not to rouse the sleeping household) out onto his River at first light in search of new adventure... and fish! There was complete freedom then... an unabridged ... pick-a path ritual of rising and rowing that was for the most part determined only by wind direction and an inner knowledge of where the fish would be under the weather conditions. Even rain was a welcome opportunity not only to make fishing luck better... but as well... a respite from the sometimes hot, humid nights of July and occasionally August as well. Life was rich and the Boy loved... and valued  his freedom and solitude and drank it up with a headiness unusual to others his age... for "He" alone lived in this world of unbridled freedom and solitude.

Life since then has brought with it many changes. At one point the Boy was encouraged to "grow up"... to assume the "responsible" duties of an adult... to join the rest of the adult world on the gerbil wheel. "He" traded seats with the teacher for nearly thirty years  and provided thousands of faces he shared a room... and a year with opportunities to be "free thinkers" not curriculum-fed guppies in an enclosed "container." Being with children and their optimism and joyous nature permitted the Boy to live on. Sharing time and a home   with five children further provided an environment of adventure, discovery and play. Watching... as these "new faces" recycled his own footsteps and previous pathways created an invitation to get down and play again himself... with kindred spirits.

The Boy deeply  loved each of his "Group of Five " equally... yet recognized and encouraged their differences. He knew... and wanted them to follow their own hearts and journeys unobstructed... and under their own power as "He" had done. In so doing he realized that this would bring about their leaving. Life has its own way with all things and creatures. Humans are social creatures... and thereby require the presence of "others." At some point in life... the need for "others" must change.... and it has for them all now. For the Boy it is a bitter-sweet time. The "bitter"??? Now lost opportunities for more regular play... and visits that crop up only occasionally and when when Time allows. The wheel has turned almost full... leaving the Boy once again to his own resources  to create adventure... discovery... and Play!

The "sweet"?? The sweet arises from the "discovery"... no matter late in his journey that "He" too has found an "Other." And that "Other"... for the first time in his life totally understands and accepts the Boy and the ever-present Self which has always followed him about... his shadow! Yes... in a very real sense "I" have been much like Peter Pan - rash... drawn to the very edge of self-destruction by an impulse-driven nature and need... as surely as a moth is drawn to the fire. And like Peter... unexpectedly along my journey, I discovered Deb. "She" has become the kind ... generous and loving soul who has "stitched"... reattached my once lost Self... so that "I" am whole once again. She has supported me and my five and her own two unconditionally... giving unselfishly of her time and energy without complaint or motive of repayment.

Tomorrow... "She" will be 63  years young. Her vitality... unflagging energy and work ethic each day motivate me to work hard...push the envelope creatively... and to live in the pure light of Truth! Her skill in her crafts and art forms demonstrate her drive to always  strive for... and usually achieve impeccable perfection.A the very least she always does so  to the best of her ability. Yet it is the simpler side of life that she embraces.... and that I most admire and love. Her child... like my own...eagerly  rises each day to seek out new adventures... often just outside our huge front window looking out at our River... cup o' java in hand watching hours... turn into days...  turn into months. We revel in the antics of our ruby throat hummingbird pair... as they spar and quarrel over air supremacy around their feeding station. It would seem that disagreement arises from time to time in their sonic lives as well! HA HA!! We laugh and compare their antics with our own "moments."

Tomorrow we will book off early  head into Brockville to properly celebrate "her day"... with a simple meal out and trip the Cineplex-Odeon... at her request... to take in "The Dark Knight Rising". We live... love and play simply. We share a  common and unusual love for family and friends... creating art and each other. These are the basic ingredients in our recipe for livin' the good life at The Paint Box Gallery in Rockport.

I wish to close out this post proudly recognizing and show casing a few of the many new creations of my beautiful wife and soul mate. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Much love and many more years of creating the good life... together!
Love ,

"A Cut Above... or a Touch of Glass!"
"A Cut Above... or A Touch of Glass"... Both work for me!

 Cardinal in the company of the 3-D Spidy!

 We love our wee American Goldfinches... real or in glass!

 Hang in there Mr Cardinal!

 "Big Bird"... our Resident Great Blue Heron!

 "Sunken Rock Light, Alexandria Bay, NY"

 Love... those Goldfinches... don't you?

 Jewellery... for the Girly Girl in you... Age doesn't matter!

 Simple Fare... for you to wear... any time... anywhere!!

 Deb's First Garden!

 "The Paint Box Gang!"... Partners... For Life!

Darned good life... when ya got a wife... like my Girl!!! Love ya Babe!

PS She'll hate me for posting this one!... but it's my all time fav! Look at the SMILE!!!!! HA HA!!

Good painting to ALL!


  1. Happy Birthday, Deb!! Your work is exquisite and yes, so is your smile! Doesn't it feel good to know how cherished you are?

  2. A big congratulations on your birthday, Deb!!! :)
    And a big congratulations to you, Sherman, For being wise enough to latch unto a great smile when you see one! You are a greatly talented couple. The sort of folks who enrich the lives others just by knowing you. My kind of people! Bless you both.

  3. Hi Sherry and a great big thank 'you'for your comments and 'I' am certainly blessed with the best husband and pal in the world. Every girl should be so lucky and I am sure there are many that are.

    Cheers deb

  4. HI Dean!... Thanks you for your uplifting comments and continued visits to my blog!

    You and your blog do exactly the same Dean! You enrich and encourage all of your followers lives with your constant richness of images and spirit!

    "You"... are our kind of people as well! Blessings back to you from us!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Absolutely love this post:-) Glad Deb had such a great birthday!

  6. Thanks for visiting Karen!... Glad that you enjoyed the post! It was indeed party time for my Gal Friday... and well celebrated it was!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,