Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heroes... and Heroines

It is Father's Day... a time set aside in our culture for most men and their families to celebrate the Time that they have shared together. In my own case... our celebration began yesterday evening when my daughter Lisa and two of my three grand children... their current "squeezes hosted an evening of good food... a bonfire and evening fireworks a la Bradie boy and Tanner for Deb and I. What a wonderfully fulfilling and memorable evening of and sharing of precious time it was!

This morning... my thoughts flood to my Dad (and my Mom)... and the seamless and eternal sweet memories which I carry within of times we spent in our homes in Brockville and of course, the fifty odd years spent within a stone's throw of Lisa's lovely Riverside side home at Narrow's Lane Road, three kms east of Rockport. I am so deeply blessed!

My very vivid first  memories of Dad and I being alone together sharing time, go back to our home on 103 John Street in Brockville. That would make me three to five years of age at the time. Even then, I was painting and drawing as passionately as I still am today. I could literally sit down and paint pictures of every room in that house and their contents... if I wished to. That is how vivid those visual markers are... and that they are so lasting gives testimony to the impact that the early years have on us as evolving individuals. Imagine too... the impact of the words and actions... spoken or unspoken... because children absorb everything in their environment and they are the sum total of those influences.

I am not elevating either of my parents to the level of sainthood, as is often the case after parents pass. I am very aware that they made choices that weren't good for them or for us either... during the course of our family life together. But I can tell you without any hesitation... that they always did their best in my mind... and for this fact I am forever grateful to them both for their too numerous t mention gifts and sacrifices for every member of our family.

Summer Requiem" - oil on canvas 30x24 inches

"Thank you... For the Music!" - oil on canvas 14x11 inches

So on this beautiful sunny St. Lawrence River morning... I am remembering "You" fondly and with the deepest respect Dad.. for it is your day! But at the same time... I am adding "You" as well Mom. You were a team for seventy-five years and the success of any team can never be measured by one member alone. I have learned from your example how to counsel... console.. embrace individualism and to love unconditionally... each of my own children and now... my wonderful grand children. Because of you both... I am passionate about...  and generous with people... family and my artistic expression. You are my Heroes... no gender necessary!!!

The painting  "Summer Reliquary" which I made a couple of summers ago to celebrate Summer and memories from my Narrow's Lane chapter of my life story.. was ironically purchased yesterday by a lovely couple from Brockville. Deb and I are taking it to their condominium overlooking Tunnel Bay and our River on Monday morning. It is a bit of a bitter-sweet moment for sure... but sharing "Us" with "Them"... is a way of "passing forward" our combined gifts and mine to the world at large... in the same fashion that you generously shared you gift of music Dad! The other painting tribute painted for "You" Dad... "Thank You.. For the Music" was gifted to your grandson Andrew. "You" and "He" were such soul mates!

I will close this post this morning by wishing all of my blogger Fiend Dads... everywhere... A Happy Father's Day from The Paint Box Gallery in Rockport! As well... just these final thoughts to each of you out there from me:

If you think yourself "ordinary...  remember that all heroes and heroines were once children... long before those selfless acts of heroism for which we remember them were recorded. Smile! It costs nothing... and as simple as it seems... it might be a small and unselfish act of personal heroism the impact of which... you may never see!

I love you both Dad and Mom... Forever! Happy Father's Day!

Keep smilin!...

Good Painting to ALL!!!


  1. Bruce, your overflowing heart spilled all over this lovely page and made my morning brighter. Thank you so much for that.

  2. Good Morning Sherry!... Some would call the words..."Gushy."But hey! Be who you are... and say how you feel... not what other people want you to say. I've learned that the hard way over my life time!

    Glad that my words made tour morning brighter. That makes the entire post worth while! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. A beautiful and touching post Bruce, I'll echo Sherry - it's made the day brighter.

  4. Good Afternoon Lisa!... Thanks ever so much for your visit and "echo"...

    I have achieved my purpose through the sharing of my art and my blogging... when I can add to another's day and journey!

    Good Painting!... and Happy Summer!
    Warmest regards,