Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Post!... From Hillsdale!

We have all but wrapped up the preparations at this end for moving next week. We have been out to dinner with several close friends... we have placed our lives in boxes... and discarded things carried for too long to make a clean transition. We have changed address information on personal certificates, vehicle and insurance policies and as well established our new postal address and phone number at the other end. We have even established a new physician and pick up new eyeglasses today. All seems in place ready for the exodus from Hillsdale on Friday, April 19th !

There is excitement at the thought of moving into Islesview... and in beginning a new chapter in our personal and artistic lives... back "Home" on the shores of The St Lawrence River! The house is painted throughout using Deb's colour scheme and the hardwood floors are by now... laid in the two upstairs bedrooms. The Gallery should as well be completed... and I can't wait to see the results as we have planned.

It is a humble start for what we hope will a complete "Renaissance" for The Paint Box Gallery. We have brochures... signage and advertising ventures already completed for our Grand Opening on May 24th... a National Holiday in Canada... and as well the weekend set aside for the Thousand Islands Studio Tour.

So it is fitting and appropriate on this... the last post from Hillsdale ... to salute Hillsdale as our home for over a decade by highlighting favourite paintings from our time here. The Oro- Medonte and Georgian Bay regions have been so very inspirational and some of my finest paintings... both in large and small format that have emerged simply because of the unquestionable beauty of the area and the friendships that we have found while living here. Both of these elements will for certain... be hard to leave behind. However... it has been said ....and I do believe this!

"Touch the Past... but embrace the Future!"

Onward towards whatever The Universe has in store for us!

Good Painting to ALL! See and talk to all of you from Rockport!



  1. I'm exhausted reading your post, Bruce!! It's really not easy moving...however, you make the best of it. But like you said..moving along to another chapter in your life and embrace the future! Lovely words...and I love ALL these beautiful paintings...

  2. Bruce I wish you a happy and prosperous move to your new destination. b.t.w. where is island view, provably a nice place, since it has a nice name.

  3. Hi Bruce you will be settled in by now sitting in your new home together having a nice cup of tea and looking out to a new view and world. Those lovely paintings of a life spent in Hillsdale record a special time. We all look forward to hearing from you when you are unpacked and ready to paint again. It is raining here in the highlands after so much dry weather it is now making up for lost time! the garden, fields and forests love it though. take care.

  4. Hi Bruce,

    I do hope you and Deb are finally in your new home. Can't wait to see your next post. Make sure you both get a chance to rest.

    All the best to you,

  5. I can well imagine (from my own past experience) your excitement, and fatigue (!) from the process of moving. Take your time to settle in and we are all looking forward to your next post when you have actually gotten yourselves situated. Looking forward to pictures too!!

  6. Un patchwork de peintures extraordinaires... Des couleurs qui m'enchantent...
    Gros bisous

  7. Safe journey to you both Bruce...I've unclogged my blog...


  8. Happy and easy transition to you and yours, Bruce! See you in your new studio!!

  9. Hi there Friends!.... Sorry for the long delay in responding to your encouraging comments... moving has a knack for getting in the way! HA HA!!

    The dust is beginning to settle... and we feel more comfortable by the day! Should be up and posting again shortly!

    Again thanks for your patience and continued interest!

    Warmest regards,
    Good Painting!