Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peace on Earth! ... Add Your Voice!

Season's Greetings to ALL!!!

Christmas is closing in on all of us quickly... and most obviously, our attentions have to be switched away from the easel and even the blog and focused as they should be... on the matters of Family and celebration preparations!

Our celebration jumped off to a peaceful and very full start... in every sense of the word with our weekend rendezvous with Andrew, Melissa and Allison in the smallish, quaint town of Rockwood. It left all of us warmed by each other's company and the shared love... and primed for the other Christmas rituals and visits that lie ahead... but that are celebrated in other places... with other families.

Tonight... Deb and I will decorate our smaller-than-usual fir... and for the first time in our Christmas part of our life together, the two youngest (due to illness last weekend) will not be here to join in. I am... as you can probably tell from other posts an incurable romantic... steeped (too much at times) to past rituals... that I most definitely find hard to relinquish.

But Time has its own way... of herding one along and I have long since learned (from well remembered pain) that one must embrace change and move along with the flow... that is the flow of Life itself. This one necessary change is going to be enjoined with several others during the course of 2012. While change is both challenging and even threatening to each of us... again... I have learned from resisting... and the past unpleasant experiences that delaying necessary change results in greater pain to one's Self... and all around one. So Deb and "I"both have chosen to live by the credo that: Change begins with "Me"!

My "Road Taken"... or rather chosen, using my Art as a vehicle of travel has led me on an enriching and fulfilling personal adventure across Canada and to many places in the world where I have visited... lived... painted and found lasting friendship and wonderfully enriching kindred spirits. Many of these remain up to today... because we choose to remain connected in heart and purpose... despite great geographical distances between us. This blog is a similar instrument or "Voice" for "Me"..."You" and "Others"... who like us travel with Optimism... much like minstrels with a song to share with any who care to listen.

One set of friends, Norm and June Dubois "happened into" our studio several years ago to look around our gallery... to fill in their travel itinerary while visiting from Edmonton, Alberta at Carriage Hills Resort in Horseshoe Valley. They purchased a large piece of art... and remained for supper. Since then... they have returned when they were able... to our area on two occasions.

On both occasions... we have shared meals and time together here at the Gallery and on their last visit we took them out in search of cemeteries with ancient stones. They dabble in genealogy. On this occasion I took them out with the necessary equipment... and introduced them to the art of creating permanent rubbings. They took home some marvellously ornate rubbing memories of stones dating to the mid 1700's. What fun we had!

This morning I received an email from June... that is much more than an email. It is a gift from the heart that simply required punching a few keys to deliver its joy. I have chosen to include it along with our annual Christmas card as a gift... which I have no doubt will leave you full of deep Love....Hope and Joy... as receiving it did Deb and I this morning! Simply go to the upper right hand Video Bar..... Bocelli and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir... "Put your ears on".... Click... and Soar!!!!!

In a time when human actions and voices around the world seem only to echo in a tumult of angry... chaotic voices and hopelessness... may our Christmas wishes and this ethereal music from the heavens themselves enjoin... to encourage each of "You"... to continue to add your "Voice" to our choir and family in art... to embrace and work towards making our world a better place in 2012!

Merry Christmas from The Paint Box Gallery Gang and Family... to ALL!!!

Many Blessings and Much Peace!... and Good Painting!!!


  1. Amazing!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Hi Bruce!

    This is the season for gathering loved ones and celebrating in the spirit of Christmas. I want to wish you a special Holiday and thank you once again for sharing your love of life and art. Your posts are always a source of reflexion for me!

    May the New Year 2012 be filled with romanticism (why not) :) and lots of optimism.
    Merci pour le beau cadeau ( la prière de Andrea Boccelli)qui m'a laissée sans voix et très émue)


  3. Hi Bruce, thanks for sharing that. Isn't it wonderful how music has the power to take us to a "different place" for a while?

    All the best for 2012,

    Keith and Elaine

  4. Hi there Samantha!... Thanks for your visit... compliment and for your Christmas wishes!

    I loved your card just posted and most especially... your lovely "Mystic Moon."

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to "You"!

    Good painting!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Bonjour chere amie Helen!

    Merci bien pour ta visite et vos remarques encouragees!

    It is always such a pleasure to connect with you and to share thoughts and ideas! I likewise... very much admire your own wonderful paintings, sketches and your wonderful spirit!

    I am so pleased to know that this unbelievable piece of music struck a similar chord in your soul as well. It reduced "Me" and Deb to tears immediately. Not tears of pain ... but rather tears of joy which took my soul to a place so very special.

    It leaves one with such a profound sense of Wonder and Hope... simultaneously. No matter one's religious/spiritual beliefs... cultural background there exists no barrier to the reception of the majesty... magic and power of the human voice used in such a way!

    Thank "You" ever so much for your uplifting response Helen... a gift back to "Me"!

    Joyeux Noell... et bonnes annees a toi et votre famille!

    Warmest regards,

  6. Good evening Keith and Elaine!... Thank you for responding in such an encouraging way! I chose to send this along to all of my blog friends... but to "You" in particular Keith... simply because hearing it made "me" return to the very same place that your gift "Lark Ascending" flew me to!

    I so love good music and pieces so wondrous as these which totally transport "me" beyond the "surly earth" that I often am discouraged to be a part of and live in!

    I wish rich blessings upon your home... family and your person Keith! I do hope that someday... somehow... we might actually meet... and of course, paint together! We share so much in common I think!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,
    Bruce and Deb

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your's, Bruce. I hope your two youngest feel better sooner rather than later. There is still time for things to change for Christmas day and if not? You and your wife can enjoy a day of relaxation and joy in each other's company. Love your painting/card too. Wishing you and Deb, your whole family a season of great joy and a new year full of health and happiness.

  8. Hi there Sherry!... Thank "You" so very much for your visits... and your consistent words of encouragement and concern!

    The "youngest" is back in the race... full speed ahead... as is the case when you're a young gaffer! So Christmas as usual... as they arrive in Friday... and depart when the job schedule demands! Change comes... like it or not! They grow up....up!... and away! Right Sherry??? HA HA!!

    Glad that you enjoyed the card... many of my friends... and visitors to the Gallery admired it as well. I would like to have kept it... but it is leaving tomorrow bound for its new home - a good one! They are classy people... collectors and own quite a few! I have retained visiting privileges! HA HA!!

    I wish "You" and your Family the Merriest Christmas yet Sherry! A Happy... Healthy and Prosperous Year to boot!

    Much Peace...Rich Blessings and warmest regards,
    Bruce, Deb and Family

  9. Hi Bruce, that laddie has such a lovely voice, thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Happy Painting days ahead. When reading the beginning of your post today I thought you were going to close your blog when you spoke about change. Many bloggers will leave in the new year, some are doing so already. Blogging take time and often family members feel they would like more time with them. I believe with time management it is possible to carry on blogging and share our artwork and thoughts with our fellow blogging friends. I am so pleased you are staying with us, inspiring us with your beautiful paintings and uplifting writing though often a tinge of sadness lies there when you write about losing friends, things changing around as the old cabins go and folk move away. You capture the life of your village as you see it each day and you bring to us the beauty of the lovely landscape you live in. thank you Bruce.

  10. Good Morning Caroline!... Hope that my comment finds "You" feeling better and near ready for Santa's visit!

    I am delighted that you enjoyed Bocelli's gift... as I did. Music transcends sadness... fatigue and a world too filled with worry and woe. It transports my soul... daily to a place where Time stands still... and my creative spirit is free to soar. If others think that a tad too romantic... even pedantic... it matters not to "Me."

    I am beyond delighted to hear that my blog inspires and encourages you in both your personal and artistic lives Caroline. It validates my work and belief that sharing is essential in our ranks... and in this shrinking planet that we all call Home!

    In the past... I was customarily a letter writer to my family and friends. Often, those "epistles" were beyond ten pages in length. Most often... they were written and sent when I could not physically be present to support that loved one. This act was soothing to "me" as well.... relieving the sense of pent up helplessness felt from beong unable to "be there."

    My posts and each of my comments take a lot of time to think about and write... but NEVER... do I feel that the time or effort is wasted. And since it is my time alone... no one else has the right or power to direct it, or control my doing it. Time at my age... is all that I really have. I have ALWAYS had time for Family... Friends and Students. In short... people are important to "Me"... and each person... like my Art... Matters!

    I do experience great sadness at times Caroline... but not really because of the changes that are necessary. What makes me most sad... is the loss... or lack of concern for values ands a sense of Humanity... the need and responsibility to be stewards in our world for the planet and our children.

    These things said... I will continue to post for kindred folk like your Self... in the hopes that we can displace all of the negatives that surround each one of us... no matter where we live.... and support each other in an effort to override pessimism and hopelessness!

    Thank "You" for your visits... your wonderful sharings from your own world.I much enjoy my frequent visits to my Highland Lass!

    Good Painting in 2012!!

    Merry Christmas to "You"... and yours!
    Warmest regards,

  11. What a sentiment - and how much it is needed in this time in our lives. I have decided, under the influence of my husband, to create a Grateful Journal (I may do it in blog form), writing down one thing each day for which I am grateful. There are those who follow the Grateful365.com site and her words and a video being made make a difference. Thanks, Bruce, for sharing this post with us! Now to listen to the music while having my cup of coffee this morning...Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi there Rhonda!... Thank you for visiting and for sharing your very valid and important ideas and opinions!

    What a great idea... A Grateful Journal site!!! It is evident from his influence and urging... that your husband is more than a talented photographer! That is the purpose of this forum..... mutual Sharing!

    I am going to search for and tune into the Grateful365.com site for certain! That is exactly what I try to offer visitors to this site - a hope-filled alternative to the doom-n'-gloom... poor me attitude that seems so prevalent everywhere one looks these days!

    Enjoy the music Rhonda and imbibe FULLY in the true "Spirit" of Christmas with your wonderful husband and family!

    Merry Christmas! Do drop back again in the New Year!

    Warmest regards,
    Bruce and Deb

  13. Hi Bruce,

    Wow, once again you have hit the nail on the head. CHANGE.. life's progression. Oh boy, yes indeed. As I read your post understanding how you feel about family and tradition, it is the same with Mike and me. My daughter and her family will spend Christmas in Virginia. This will be our first Christmas without the grandchildren. But like you said, change is okay and not to resist, that's when it is painful.

    Just want to wish you and Deb and your family a very Merry Christmas, and of course a Great New Year with all the changes and our art.

    All the best to you,

  14. Hi there Joan... and Mike!... Thanks "You" ever so much for your consistent connecting... your ever supportive comments.. and for including your own constructive personal views and ideas!

    Yes "We"... are indeed kindred spirits... in more than our Art passion and interests Joan. We as well share and value our families and a set of spiritual values which bind the two together!

    We also share that path and burden in Life... where Families must live in very disparate and distant locations. Knowing that we are not alone in this situation does not make it disappear. But it does validate that our situation is "the norm"... and that we are never alone with our feelings... or life events.

    We wish "You"... Mike and your Family a Very Merry Christmas and copious blessings of Good Health... Happiness and Good Picture Making in 2012!!!

    Warmest regards,
    Bruce,Deb and Family

    PS I am very proud of "You... and your artistic growth and development this past year Joan! Stay the course... and maintain your verve and desire to reach out and learn!

  15. Have a wonderful change filled Christmas Bruce and an adventerous 2012. Goodness if it weren't for change I'd still be walking around in tight fittin' black jeans and pointed suede shoes with Cuban heals...yikes!



  16. Merry Christmas Back to my West Coast Buddy... and Family!

    Yup! Change is indeed a healthy aspect of Humankind's persona... especially for a "dude" pasted into skin tight black painted on jeans... feet crammed into suede shoes (Blue per chance??? ).... and heels Jeffrey? Oh my!... Now that's a great subject for a painting! HA HA!!

    Change will most surely fill 2012 in our lives at The Paint Box Gallery... it's in the works! Stay tuned! All good... and looked forward to!

    Thank you for your constant "presence" and sharings my Friend! I always look forward to our connecting! Merry Christmas!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  17. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Bruce! LOVE the joy in this painting!

  18. Hi there Linny!... Thank "You for all of your visits and supportive words this year!

    Like you... painting is a JOY for "Me" and sharing it with the world... as with "You" again is both a pleasure and a passion!

    Good Painting... Good Health and Prosperity in 2012 MY Friend!
    Warmest regards,