Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Came Calling!

Winter has been hesitant... even reluctant to fully enter our Oro-Medonte area for several weeks now. Snow would come and go... driven off and melted away by unseasonable temperatures and a warm sun. In late November... I was painting en plein air in little more than my trusty red mackinaw... not even requiring my usual light winter cotton gloves. One could find snow in pockets and along north-facing slopes... and in the curves of furrows running the length of farmer's plowed fields.

However...that all abruptly ended this week... as Winter stormed frigidly into our area... full force... and dead out of the North. We, at present have over 20 cm on the ground... much to the joy of local ski resorts and skiers. To the west... in the London-Sarnia area of Southwestern Ontario a state of emergency was declared today. The armed forces helicopters were called in to assist in the rescue of 300 motorists trapped on Highway 410. Last weekend... that same area recorded a weekend snowfall of 146 cm of snow. It is indeed an unseasonable rough start for snow removal crews... but much embraced by the 100's of school children who had three school-free snow days in the one week!

The weather has made driving both dangerous and even foolhardy. Many roads were closed early in the day today... due to the glare ice conditions caused by the blowing wind and wet snow accumulation of yesterday freezing overnight. These conditions really reduced any hope of visits to the Gallery on the weekend. We just hung out... and gift wrapped.

I have included some jpegs to demonstrate the above conditions... and have included a poem/ word thought that I put together early on Sunday morning. In think it expresses similar thoughts to the visuals sent along! Hope that you enjoy them!

Despite these inconveniences... I continue to love winter! It is a magical time to paint outdoors!

Good Painting to All... and Happy Holidays!

Winter Came Calling
The snow has come
The robin's fled,
And all the world is tucked in bed
The brooks are hushed,
The woodlands bare
Except for firs
Sprinkled here and there.

A world much changed
Where Winter reigns,
Where Jack Frost decorates window panes.
Where children play
And count the hours,
Til' old Santa's visit,
To your place... and ours.

The woodland worlds,
Once dark and green,
Are turned into perfect postcard scenes.
Each spruce decked out in an ermine coat,
On each hand a snowy fingered glove.
A place where multi-coloured shadows play,
With dancing sunlight from the sky above.

Winter... with his cold,
Seems to finally win the day,
Directing warm Autumn thoughts
Towards Spring thoughts... too far away.


  1. Three beauties Bruce. The bottom one is my fav of the woderful group. While you have been covered in snow we have been induring a 'Pineapple Express' of thundering rain storms. I think last Sunday we got 80mm!
    Today we had warm sun, thundering downpoars, wet snow flurries, thunder and lighting, oh and a couple of rainbows. Not much in the way of plein air gear would have worked very well here today! =;-p


  2. Beautiful! I saw on the news how bad the storm hit in your area. My thought were about you and your family hoping you were safe. Why is it, that something so beautiful could be so dangerous. Stay warm.

    All the best to you

  3. Hi Jeffrey!... Thanks for visiting and the nice compliment!

    It would seem that the weather... in all parts of the Globe is unsettled and turbulent! That sure is the case in Canada... from sea to sea!

    The weather has been fierce here as well... but is due to let up... come the weekend... they say! I so look forward to winter painting.... and it will come! Patience and common sense must prevail!

    Loved your new pieces... especially the pools... very natural and serene!

    Good Painting!... And Happy Holidays!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Hi there Marian!..... Thank "You"... and Thank "You"! Your kind compliments and visit are much appreciated!

    Hope that the weather in your area is treating you well... and that your painting is moving along smoothly!Are you ready for Santa?

    Good Painting!... and Happy Holidays!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi there Joan!.... Thank "You" for your visit... and for your concern!

    Be assured that we are all "weatherin' the storm" where we should... inside... lookin' out! It has been far worse to the west of us - VERY dangerous situatuion in Southwestern Ontario indeed!

    Winter provides ample time to get "out there"... and whenever things settle... that's exactly where "I" will be!

    Until then... patience.... comfort cookin' and preparing for family visits are the order of business!

    Good Painting!... and the Merriest of Christmases to "You" and "Yours" Joan!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Hi Bruce,

    It was interesting to read about the weather in your part of the world. We were wondering how people in other countries coped. In the recent bad spell we had here, when vehicles were stuck in the snow and schools were closed, many people seemed to want to find someone to blame. It was as if nothing must be allowed to interfere with their daily lives. I think that maybe Canadians just accept that sometimes we can't beat Nature!

    All the best,

  7. Hi there Keith!... Nature puts all of us to the test at times... and when we face her fury... we come to realize how small and insignificant we are in her scheme of things!

    Here in Canada... one expects winter to at times be brutally cold... and snow and ice do create very hazardous conditions at times.

    We do have people around us... who as well complain and feel hard done by. I don't pay attention to their grumbling. They also grumble about the heat... their job... their wife/husband. ..They are "grumblers"!

    I love winter...the cold... the snow... and the quiet in the countryside! Just can't imagine not having the four seasons.

    As a matter of fact... the theme for my upcoming solo show in January is: Painting in Four Seasons.

    Stay tuned!

    Good Painting! Happy Holidays to "You" and your family Keith!
    Warmest regards,

  8. Brrrr! and Beautiful! What incredible paintings and a wonderful post! I so enjoyed reading it. It must be amazing as well as dangerous and inconvenient! your work is simply lovely and it's delightful to see that winter is so not only enjoyed but welcomed. Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Suzanne!... It can be BRRRRR!.... but it is always beautiful for "Me"! It is a time of year when some things are seen... and are "showcased" by winter... dead weeds turned brown... the way snow wraps itself around seemingly ordinary objects to create "snow sculpture".

    Winter surely can can cause inconvenience and time delays... but most Canadians accept these realities.

    As it recently was dramatically shown in the Southwestern part of Ontario this week... it can indeed be dangerous and even fatal... if people disregard warnings... advisories... and common sense.

    I choose my times... check weather forecasts and am dressed for the weather I anticipate. I always prepare and let people know where I'll be before setting out. I scout my sites beforehand. I know when not to go out... and when it's time to quit! I've learned those things from experience... and they always haven't always been pleasant!

    I say without ony hesitation... if you have never painted in the outdoors during winter... then you miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have learned to paint during winter as comfortably as in other times in the year. I have enjoyed my snowshoe treks these last two years. Just the walk is in itself a pleasurable experience.

    Thank "You" for the positive comments... and for your visit Suzanne!

    Good Painting...and Happy Holidays to "You" and "yours"!

    Warmest regards,

  10. Just now discovering your blog and artwork. Am so impressed with your work and had a great tour of your past postings. Will look forward to visiting often.

  11. Hi Ann!....Welcome to my site!

    Glad that "You" are finding things that you enjoy!

    I enjoyed my first visit to your site as well! Very impressive, richly colourful and warm pieces I must add!

    Look forward to connecting again!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  12. Your paintings are lovely Bruce each of them capture winter perfectly. The first one shows the deep snow on the trees and the intimate view point of trees in deep snow grouped together is very nice. To see the painting from your outside painting visit is epecially nice you captured the right amount of information from such a vast scene the colours of winter before the big snow are excellent.
    The winter sky above the rustic buildings is beautiful. A real threat to the eye. Thank you for sharing. It is snowing here I as write to you and it is not too deep so I will wrap up and go for a walk soon, it is fine to be both outside in the bleak beauty and then to return to the warm of home. Happy holidays.

  13. Hi there Caroline!.... Thanks for your visit... and for your very positive and uplifting comments about the new sketches!

    "I" too... love to walk out into winter... not to paint always... but just to feel the freshness of the air and snow on your face. It is invigourating and energizing.

    I too... much appreciate the warmth of our home upon my return... and to laying out in a tub of hot water... "soakin' up the warm"!

    Good painting and Happy Holidays to "You" as well!

    Warmest regards,

    PS Loved your Tree Challenge blog... left ayou a comment there! Well done... very enjoyable!

  14. Love that winterscape painting. But then, I love winter.
    I've driven the Bruce-Grey roads when you hoped to keep fence posts in sight ... that way you knew you were somewhere on the road. I've driven north when my car literally plowed snow until I could find an escape from the highway only to learn I was driving on a 'closed' highway.
    My one lament is that our winter's are changing and becoming warmer; what a shame. I remember Arctic blizzards as a youngster, they are no more in that area of Ontario.
    It amazes me as I walk along the streets how people seem to 'hunker' against the snow and wind; I wonder why they don't lift their faces to the driving forces and enjoy the energy of the moment.
    Ah, well, we are not all the same. But I do love winter, the cold, the snow and the winds.

    I feel I must relocate from the Hamilton area however.....we have barely enough to cover the ground and it is almost Christmas!

  15. i know how you feel with all that snow bruce
    and i'm pleased to see you make the most of the white stuff,magic
    you cought some nice light and atmospher
    lo0ve the set up pic
    your box looks well used!

  16. Thanks for your visit and compliment on the winter sketches!

    Thank "You"... as well for sharing your own winter remembrances and adventures. Seems we share a lot of similar "snowflake" experiences!HAHa!!!

    It has been a strange winter up our way as well. It has snowed every day for the last eight days... not a lot every day... but enough to keep you on your toes when driving and walking any distance!

    Like "You"... "I" just get "out there"... and enjoy it! I'll send more snow down Hailton way/... my Xmas present to Ruby!

    Good Painting! Happy Holidays!
    Warmest regards,

  17. Hey there in Snowy Wales!... Thanks for the compliments and for visiting!

    Seems like it's snowing everywhere at the moment... all the air travel stalled in Europe!Strange weather for certain!

    The setup is an old standard for "Me"...easy up n' easy down... no extra baggage to truck about on location! The "weathered" Paint Box has been with "Me" since I started at age twelve years! We've travelled a lot of miles together... made a ton of sketches and paintings all over Canada. ( In all provinces except Newfoundland!!) My Gallery derives its name from this paint box!

    Good painting! Happy Holidays!
    Warmest regards,