Monday, October 4, 2010

Beauty... Even in the Gloom

Autumn is a time of ever-changing weather in Algonquin Park. Each day is different presenting new changes and challenges for the plein air painter. One must be prepared to go with the flow and have a willingness to stand "toe-to-toe" with inclement conditions. That means shifting gears and expectations to facilitate success... even if it means setting your goal-setting lower.
I like to work with a variety of canvas sizes ranging from 8x10 inch panels right on up to at least one 30x36 inch major canvas and can usually complete at least two smaller panels and one mid to larges canvas each day. My stay is usually four or five days, insuring a good number of works and some good weather painting days to work in.
This year, our first stay was limited to three days... and as luck would have it... was heavy on the rain side of things. The middle day was a washout... with the rain completely winning out... but we managed to travel about seeing new things and I was able to gather lots of photo reference that will certainly yield some good larger work in the studio. I did manage to make four 8x10 sketches that I am pleased with. One or two could result in major canvases at a later date. So despite the less than prime weather one would hope for... the trip was well worth while. Sketch when the weather is "sketchy". Work large... when weather... Soul and the landscape converge to inspire! Those are the "rules" for the likelihood of achieving plein air success!

I will be returning for another foray in about a week to paint with my pal David Kay from Whitney. We always inspire each other to get down to some good work... and David is an expert in his knowledge of the Park... and a very fine painter to boot. So we'll see what the next adventure yields!
Each of the bottom three 8x10 inch sketches may be purchased for $100 CAN + shipping by contacting or later from the gallery Short Strokes soon to appear on our web site.

Good Fall All!


  1. Wonderful! You are getting so much great stuff accomplished! I think you are having a good time...I am not doing any painting lately...dealing with a bear that has decided to make our property HIS (or HER) territory.

  2. Hi Karen!... You are soooo right! I'm really in a groove at the moment... colour and subject matter everywhere one looks!

    Sorry about your territorial dispute! I can't "bear" the thought... of not seeing some new Karen painting activity! HAHA!!

    Keep the faith! I believe that they hibernate soon!

    "Bear" with it... (Groaner!) my Friend!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Hey Bruce a wonderful group of paintings here. I particularly like the verticle piece second from the bottom!! Thanks so much for the Algonquin tour, you lucky dog!!


  4. Hi there Jeffrey!... Thank you for your uplifting comments!

    The vertical piece is my favourite as well. I think that sketch might grow into a larger studio piece!

    You're welcome ... Glad to share Algonquin... as "You" are to share the Cowichan and sites that you visit and paint at...Lucky Dog!

    Good Fall Painting!
    Warmest regards,