Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short Strokes!... A new venture!

We have enjoyed much success with our Small Wall Gallery here in Hillsdale since its inception two years ago. The wall features my smaller oil and watercolour sketches custom framed to customers who visit the Paint Box Gallery. Although we also made these sketches available to anyone on line... framing and the additional cost and security for shipping paintings framed likely discouraged sales for these reasons.

Several artists whom I admire have recently introduced the sale of smaller works in the "Daily Painter" formats of 5x7 and 6x6 inches and have shipped them unframed, adding the necessary shipping costs to their asking price. I have always firmly believed that despite the usually much higher price of one's larger canvases... artists should offer opportunities to clients who might like to begin collecting good art , or who might wish to acquire a piece of one's work at a lesser price or more apartment sized proportion.

Though I do not choose to join groups like the Daily Painters, or paint "marathons"... I have in fact painted daily for many years... and often when I am painting plein air, I customarily paint in 5x7 ...8x10 and 10x12 inch formats. Therefore... I usually have daily offerings in these formats of the same quality as my larger work hanging framed in the gallery.

We have decided to offer my 5x7 and 8x10 inch sketches in a new Gallery which we have dubbed...." Short Strokes ". Both formats are being offered at the single price simply because they take the same amount of time to complete and in my opinion... as paintings are equal in quality and value. These smaller paintings will be available for $100 CDN plus shipping. Anyone wishing to purchase a posted work can contact my wife and agent Deborah at to make the purchase and to receive detailed information regarding the payment methods we offer and the additional shipping costs. We offer payment opportunities using PayPal....VISA and MasterCard.

Paintings will appear first in the blog and will be moved the following day to the Short Strokes Gallery on our web site at for sale from there. This will happen in the very near future when our web master creates the embedded gallery. We will consider the painting sold to the first email received by Deborah. All other emails will be promptly notified that they were unsuccessful in purchasing that particular piece.

I am very excited to offer these paintings to people who might admire my painting style and philosophy about painting. I am proud to sign my name on each one of them because each one registers and records moments and places on my journey that "I" have always wished to share! My blog has increased my ability to "connect" and share with so many fine people who share my zeal and passion for making art.

The first offering is a moody reflective painting which records a time and place when movie going was not colossus driven... but rather had a certain style and class all of its own. This theatre is still operating in the nearby community of Uxbridge... and is titled: "Two For Midnite Madness at the Roxy!" - oil on panel 10x8 inches $100 CDN + shipping

The second sketch is a hay wagon located at John Rumble's farm just east of the village. I saw this at 7:15 am on a morning walk... and tip-toed back the next day to record that very moment when the wagon emerged from behind the barn's shadow to be bathed in the early morning light. It is playfully... but aptly entitled: "Rollin' Up Summer!" - oil on panel 8x10 inches $100 + shipping

The third sketch is "Harold's Gone!"... an oil on panel 8 x 10 inches at $100 CDN + shipping
The fourth sketch is one done in the harbour in nearby Barrie. It is an oil on panel entitled; "Buoy and Girl" and lists at $100 + shipping

The colours are well underway... my commission is nearing its end... so Freedom calls! Lots of work ahead... two fall workshop jobs... a solo show for February and much autumn colour painting is on the horizon! Stay tuned!

Good Fall Painting to All!


  1. These are both so beautiful! Very unique composition and I love the golden light bathing the scenes...

  2. Thank you Katherine!... When one is presented with perfect subjects that are bathed in beautiful light... how could the outcome fail?

    I am very fortunate to live in an area where so many fine subjects are merely minutes from home. I could never exhaust the possibilities... but I'll sure give it a try! HAHA!!

    Good Fall Painting to "You"!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Bruce,

    I love the light you have captured in each of your paintings. Your work is truly an inpiration.

    Seeing the Roxy makes me think of when going to the movies was a whole different experience than it is now. Theatres with beautiful lobbies and carpeting and comfy seats. There weren't any multiplex theatres where you now have your choice of fifteen movies to see. It's just not the same. What an interesting building the Roxy is and just wonderful that it is operating.

    Happy fall and plein air painting to you Bruce!


  4. Hi again Sue!.... I am so glad that you are enjoying my newest paintings!Light and colour indeed share a paramount goal in my own painting process.

    The Roxy is a living relic Sue... of a simpler time when Saturday matinees drew crowds of young 'uns like my Self to the Regent Theatre in our community... and small but classy venues like these ... everywhere.

    I well remember the predictable weekly fare and all the schoolyard chatter and anticipation about the next episode of Flash Gordon... The Bowery Boys... The Lone Ranger...Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy.

    We still enjoy "Movie Night In Hillsdale"... together with our lads on Friday evnings.... TV tables... burgers... chicken fingers and fries... popcorn and pop... and a current movie we select. It is a much anticipated and enjoyed ritual in our home... a wonderful conversation builder for afterward.

    Deb and I much prefer a movie in the quiet of our livingroom... but do head out to take in a "blockbuster" released early at the local multiplex.

    Film is a wonderful medium for social messaging... and personal growth... if one looks and chooses carefully!

    Art is "Art"... Artists are "Artists"... no matter the lens used or preferred to observe through! Art reaches the hearts and minds of the viewers... and often...not just for pleasure.

    Long live the Roxy and her aging "sisters"!!!

    Good Fall Painting to "You" Sue!
    Warmest regards,