Monday, April 12, 2010

Twitter an Tweet! ... Ain't Spring sweet?

No.... I have not decided to morph my blog or web site... using these social networks as a tool to attract readership! I'm simply referring to the increased flurry of sounds and activities in the outside world here in the Oro-Medonte. I have again begun my hour long walks out into the countryside... "plein airing" in a sense... because I find this healthy activity not only strengthens muscle and cardio strength... but that it heightens my creative thought and makes "Me" observe... and learn... by "Seeing". I heartily recommend it to each of my visitors. It is a wonderfully enriching ritual of "cleansing".... meditation really... and preparation for the new day... before (or after) java!

The Hills' usual winter greyish cast broken by darker evergreen spears is pinkish and pale green everywhere... as the hardwoods, birches and soft woods leave their dormancy behind... and come to life. Every day... new voices are added to the growing birdsong choir. Yesterday I recorded 17 different species on my early morning walk... all busy at setting territories and attracting mates.Tamaracks are now budded... reclaiming their lovely evergreen ... dropped over the winter. Snow has disappeared... save for a few pockets in the deepest bush where sunlight rarely visits.

Despite all of this "Twitter and Tweet"... my post today is dedicated to the Canadian winter and to one aspect that continues to make our winters different than other places in the world. "I" am posting my latest... and my last winter canvas for the year. I started it before heading off to Algonquin Park and conceived it during the Winter Games in Vancouver.

I must say that in my "early" youth and teaching...athletics... especially football, track,baseball and hockey drove "Me" passionately. They were everything to "Me" then.I even tried my hand at coaching my son' Andrew's hockey team. It was at this time that "I" abandoned my interest in sports... partly due to my increased interest in my art... but mostly... due to the complete and utter disgust "I" felt because of poor adult behaviour and interference.

This brings "Me" to the new painting and the Winter Games thing. Like so many of my countrymen... "I" am proud of the unique heritage we have built here in Canada with hockey. The "Game" now involves international participants who never laced on a pair of skates before... let alone have a "program"... or female participants! "I" AM indeed proud of the fact that we helped introduce hockey to new venues. I was ashamed really of the GO phrase adopted by our Olympic Organizing Team: "Own the Podium!" I was ashamed too that "The (final) Game brought out so much animosity between two usually friendly "Neighbours"... and such obvious greed... for Gold!

My Painting... entitled "The Real Hockey Night in Canada" is taken (imaginatively) from a view within a stone's throw of our home and Gallery and depicts what "The Game" truly should be about: Playing for the pure love of the game... outdoors... without a rulebook... gender or size differences... without referees... fighting... spectators... or parents who steal childhood away by imposing adult expectations and structure... TOO SOON for children.More importantly... it teaches children to win with pride... yet humility... and to accept defeat graciously and with dignity intact... in sport... and in our later lives.

Mister Fred Rogers, another mentor of mine once said... "That play, is a child's first form of work".In my own teaching and family experiences, I concur and add that unfettered and child-centered play develops social cohesiveness... issue resolution skills... team play... fair play and most of all daily outdoor physical activity with friends.

This painting is respectfully dedicated to Pat Burns... another mentor of sorts and his family.He was a former coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but "I" honour "Him" because of the courageous and passionate manner that "He" has displayed in dealing with his terminal colon cancer struggle... and his final preparation to complete his earthly journey.

Two weeks ago, the Canadian Government with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Pat attending... "broke sod" to begin the creation of a new ice surface in Burns' home town in New Brunswick.Haggard... drawn... emaciated... but not beaten "He" whispered a profound and lasting message that "I" wish to "pass forward" to any "Other"... who might "understand"... and share it:

"I know that my life is nearing its end and I accept that.Don't cry because it's over. You're happy because it happened. That's the main thing."

So in closing this post... "I" offer that "You" put on a glove and get into the game. In so doing.... practise long and hard... play by the rules... with passion and determination to improve. Listen to your own heart first... but listen also to mentors whose wisdom will help "You" to soar. Lastly... remember to share your "Light" with others unselfishly. Pass it forward!

Good Painting to All!


  1. Bravo Bruce,for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful painting. I would like very much to add a thumbnail of your paintings on my blog. My way of passing it forward. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thank "You" Joan for your gracious and encouraging comments... and for stopping by!

    You may add the thumbnail of the paintings... my honour and pleasure.That's what my site is about...sharing!

    Thank "You"... for passing it forward!

    Good Painting!
    warm regards,

  3. Hi Bruce,

    I LOVE your paintings. I love houses... ones with character. This picture especially strikes a chord for me.. as I too watched, that heartstopping game, and cheered as Canada won the GOLD.
    ..& yes, your painting IS what it's all about! :))
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and your kind words. :)

  4. Hi again L.A.R.K!.... Thanks for dropping by and for leaving such an encouraging comment! I enjoyed my visit to your witty, humourous and insightful blog very much.

    Seems that we share a love for many of the sasme things... especially the outdoors... and our pride in being Canadian!

    Your own painting and site help to pass joy forward! Keep up the great work!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  5. Great painting - I like the sidebar note about the long term value of sketching - remarkable - it's like you were standing right there when you painted it - I admire this ability!

  6. Hi Lisa!... Thank "You" for visiting and for leaving encouraging comments! Sketching and drawing on a regular basis is a must for any artist. It teaches one to look... analyze... interpret... "see"... and understand what lies before them.

    It's an ability that comes ONLY from consistent practice.

    Loved your sites and your wonderful painting! I admire that as well! ... am now a Follower! See "You" soon... for sure!

    Good painting!

  7. Bruce this is Beautiful!
    The painting and the post!
    Although I could never skate,(:( I remember
    flooding the backyard at winter to make rinks.
    The kids that could skate played, the ones that couldn't watched & cheered.
    It was winter childhood wonderment!
    I take walks to stay in shape, and ponder along the way.
    Thanks for posting! Your inspiration reaches

  8. Thank "You" for returning time after time with your own ideas and inspiration Bill! "I" value our connection... even from afar!

    Strange how human journeys parallel each other and atre the same in ways... and yet paradoxically... different as well!

    It is indeed comforting and a joy to my life... to have people like your Self who are willing to share art and ideas... sans criticism.. or rejection. Skate or not... in this game all can "play"... and contribute!

    Good Painting and warm regards my Friend!

    Keep up the walking... and pondering!

  9. Bruce,
    Great post and beautiful painting!
    I love the colors and the nostalgic atmosphere. I enjoyed reading your touching words.
    I can totally relate being Canadian and getting my son into the game.
    I'm lovin' my spring walks too, nothing more healing and inspiring I agree.
    Take care and keep painting!

  10. Hi again Sharon!... Thanks for the kind compliments! Glad that the painting kindled the same feelings that I felt in painting the piece!

    "Seeing"... in order to paint only is possible through study... and what a more pleasant way to study than to fill one's senses... all of them simultaneously with supportive data .... while enjoying a solitary walk!

    Enjoyed your site and paintings as I mentioned in the comment I left for "You"!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  11. Hi Bruce,

    Wonderful painting! I am especially drawn to winter scenes and this one gives such a warm feeling. The colors, the houses, the hockey game makes me smile. Brings me back to my childhood wanting to stay out in the snow till that last bit of light was gone.

  12. Hi Sue!.... Thanks for dropping by and leaving this encouraging comment! "I" too am drawn to the beauty of the landscape in winter because the sculpted snow reveals so many things in the landscape that otherwise remain hidden from view in other seasons.

    Children love winter and the foolish... carefree antics they partake in... from eating snowflakes... to body carving snow angels... to shinny and skating... road hockey... snow fort building... snowballing... tobogganing! Hey!... This "Child" still loves to do these things... and chooses to paint alone "out there"...away from the din of adulthood! Silly Goose!

    Glad that painting gave "You" pleasure to share!

    Good painting!