Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving ahead....

Bryn and I spent about another half hour working on our individual panels to add some value checks, finish and detail. Today's jpegs are the final stage for each.It was a very intimate opportunity to share time and art together. I think that we both profited greatly from the day together. Whether "He" chooses to pursue painting further lies within "Him". I will indeed support further interest he might show.

The trip was a great teaching warm up for me. I will be in Algonquin Park this week from Thursday to Sunday working with a plein air group of painters who are booked into the Adventure Lodge in Whitney at the East Gate entrance to the Park. The owner and a long time friend and artist Gertrud Sorensen generously invited me to attend the event... present a demo on Friday evening after supper and to carry out a critique session on Saturday for the artists in attendance. Since I likely know most of the artists... it will be a relaxed atmosphere to work (and paint) in. I am very much primed and looking forward to a productive four day paint out. Hope the weather is as nice as the past week here. Snow still can be found in abundance there too in at least wooded and north-facing places. I am sending along yet another plein air piece to prove that Spring... despite its overall earthy-toned breadth holds places in reserve... if "You" are motivated to get out and search them out! Spring with all of its changes and transitions provides new and exciting subjects to paint.

I'll post and share the results of the Algonquin Adventure early next week when "I" return! Until then...

Good Painting to all!!


  1. Bruce... Hope your time is enjoyable and that you learn as much from your students as they learn from you.

    I like your new header!!

  2. Hi Marian!... Good to hear from "You"! Glad that your Mexican Adventure turned out so well for you... and Frank! Teachers DO indeed learn as much from their students in the learning process! One must never be above being receptive to new ideas... from ANY source.

    Productive and growing artists are those who absorb ideas from the world about them... reinterpret them... and "spit them out"... in an entirely new form of expression.

    Woods filled with trilliums... red and white will soon be the next adventure. I love wild flowers best of all! Trilliums are the provincial flower for Ontario. I'll post pix at the appropriate time to share the experience with my blog visitors.

    Be back on line after the weekend in the Park! Very excited!

    Good painting my Friend!
    Warm regards,

  3. Hey Bruce,

    Some great work you are doing here. Will you join us at OPAS? We have some exciting things we are doing this summer.

  4. Hi Fawzan!.. Thanks for the kind comments and for the invitation... I'll check out the OPAS site and have a look at it... and the events you have planned for the summer.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Good painting!
    Warm regards,