Friday, January 29, 2010

Canadian Gothic.....Finished

As this post title suggests... the painting is complete.After spending exactly nine full days of actual painting, "I" have said all that "I" need... or want to say! It has been a challenging project from start to finish... but VERY rewarding as well. "I" only hope now... that the clients share my optimism and my joy at having completed this commission.

The jpegs used in today's post visually summarize the working process and changes of thought and actions... from the "Idea" (derived from my own reference photo)... to a "sketch"(one of three ideas offered on an 8x10 inch panel)... to the finished commission (on a canvas with a 6:1 ratio with the "sketch").It is quite easy to see that things change as "I" feel my way through the problem-solving and that new and more exciting "Ideas" slide into place to make the project enjoyable... original... and my own!

The foreground treatment of the grasses and stones was slow moving at first... but "the Flow" carried "Me" through the difficulties and I feel that I added just enough detail to create interesting and supportive elements to draw the eye further into the painting.A little can say a lot... and vice verse... a lot can often say too little. You be the judge.

I will not carry forward with needless and too copious description... for "I" fear that might have already have occurred in the lengthy content of the other posts. I apologize if this was so for "You"... just an experiment... we'll see if it was too..."over-the-top'.

The title came to "Me" about mid way through the process... and does have some meaning for "Me" in the process... but again... "I" shall leave that to the viewer to think about... and respond to ... if you might care to. I must confess, however... from the onset that "I" have since childhood admired "American Gothic" by Grant Wood (1930), as have so many other artists and art admirers. I was able to "read" it... even at the tender age of ten years. No apologies offered for the "distant" reference however....especially after "Googling" and discovering many less subtle modern versions of Wood's iconic masterpiece. But "I" will leave "You" with this quote from a wonderful book that "I" currently... and gladly couched with ...during our -26C winter mornings and evenings.The title of this resource is "The Artist's Mentor"-Ian Jackman (Editor)... a MUST in my humble opinion for all artists and art lovers!

"Artists are influenced primarily by other artists, which means that standard art history can sound like a baseball broadcast of an infield play. Velazquez to Goya to Picasso."
-Arthur Lubow

Little wonder that Aldro Hibbard loved baseball so much! But that's another story!... Or is it?

Good painting to all!


  1. Bruce, from the sky, all the way through the field to the rocks, you use of color is beautiful.
    Since I love to hike, this painting gives my eyes a fun work out.
    It's been a cold spell here, below 0 weather.
    I still hike around, but your painting has the freshness and warmth of a lovely day in the country.
    It's been fun watching this painting develope,
    and educational as well.
    Good painting Bruce, and good painting! :)

  2. this has got a very old world feal about it bruce,time stood still,very enjoyable those colors

  3. Hi Bill!.... Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments. It was my hope that the following of the process from start to finish might be helpful to others to work larger.

    Having a system to work larger canvases is important... otherwise the task can be overwhelming and discouraging.

    Hiking has always been an enjoyed activity for "Me"... clear back to my childhood.Our family still enjoys hiking and just hanging out in the great outdoors in all seasons.

    Love your new work... Keep up the good work!

    Warm regards,

  4. Hi Rob!... Good to hear from "You" again! Loved your last piec a lot!"Old world feel... time stood still".... "I" have achieved everything that "I" set out to achieve then. Thank "You" for those compliments... they're much appreciated!

    Good painting to "You"!


  5. Love the country feel of the pictures. I miss my great aunt's farm where we visited when I was a kid. Lots of animals and space and things to get into. Great art!

  6. Hi Ramona!... Nice to have "You" drop by to visit my site and (virtual) farm!! I have always loved farms... and as a kid enjoyed haying, milking and staying at a cousin's dairy farm in upstate New York each summer for a few weeks. To this day... the smell of the soil... hay in a mow and manure remain pleasures... and memory treasures from my past! I guess that's the reason for my passionate respect for... all things rural... and especially barns!

    Loved visiting your site! Obviously... you receive great pleasure and enjoyment from your own work! Keep up the good work and...

    Good Painting!